10 Best Android Apps for Drawing, Painting and Creating Sketches

Today many users of Android devices that hobby of drawing, painting and sketching using the existing app or laptop computer device in comparison with the tablet or Android Smartphone.

Best Android Apps for Drawing

But as the time passes more people are starting to switch to using an Android device when the device has many Android apps that can be used for sketching, painting or drawing on a tablet or Smartphone device that uses a stylus like the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Note tablet.

Perhaps many of us who do not know what the android apps for drawing, painting and sketching.

Here are 10 of the best Android apps for Drawing, Painting and Creating Sketch:


ArtFlow works well when using the Samsung S Pen or Nvidia DirectStylus, but you certainly can enjoy the many features even if you do not have a device that is equipped with a stylus once. This app has more than 70 brushes and tools, up to 16 layers, unlimited undo and redo (this is limited by the available storage devices), and canvas up to 4096 x 4096 pixels (depending on available memory). ArtFlow can be downloaded for free, but you must purchase a Pro license if you want to have access to more features.

Painter Mobile.

This app was developed by Corel, Painter Mobile allows you to sketch and paint anywhere, and easily import files into Corel Painter for the desktop. In addition to the basic functions and tools that most app images, Painter Mobile has many other features, including a unique effect, symmetry painting, two finger rotation of the canvas, and the ability to work with up to 20 layers. Painter Mobile for Android can be downloaded for free.

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Silk Paints Drawing.

Silk Paints not the usual image app, because it lets you use the paint with a unique and multi-brush to create a “miracle” scenery. In addition to a variety of set-up brush, the app features a “Live Track”, allows you to record and play back pictures, and create a live wallpaper. This app can download free.

Sketchbook Express.

Sketchbook Express is a professional app for Android is designed for devices with a minimum 4-inch screen. This app uses the same engine as SketchBook Pro painting to the desktop, featuring advanced brushes, 4 different picture modes, layer control (with almost 20 mixed mode), 2500% zoom, Free Transform tool, and much more. This app can download free.

Magic Paint Kaleidoscope.

This app lets you draw a kaleidoscopic image for free, featuring a variety of brushes, eight modes kaleidoscope, and the gallery for storing all your creations. Additionally, you can replay your kaleidoscopes as animation.


LayerPaint clearly supports multiple layers (layers), which allows you to paint and save the file in PSD format. This app features the professional mode and lots of brushes and tools.

Clover Paint.

Clover Paint is a feature-rich app that is initially quite difficult, but once accustomed to the actual app is simple and easy to use. You will be able to use brushes and advanced coating systems, custom hotkeys and shortcuts, and PSD files.

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Sand Draw.

As the name suggests, this app lets you draw as “realistic” as the sand. Sand Draw is available for free, and paid. The difference has the feature “sea view”, the different textures of sand, and the ability to add an object beach (weeds, sea shells, rocks, etc.).

Sketch Master.

Presented as a “professional app for painting and drawing”, Sketch Master has installed more than 1 million times. It offers a simple interface, a variety of brushes, features text-to-path, color picker, unlimited layers with adjustable opacity, up to 3000% zoom, and more. Sketch Master can be downloaded for free.

My Paints.

My Paints app is simple and easy to use to paint using a new canvas, or draw on the photo that you already have. The free version has ads, equipped with children’s mode, and lets you play back your picture session. While the paid version has more features and a brush.

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