3D Screen Accessories for iPhone

EyeFly has released an accessory screen that is able to give a 3D effect to the previous generation iPhone. Reported by Digital Spy, the new accessory will be compatible with the iPhone 4S model, 5, 5S, 5C, and the fifth generation iPod Touch.

EyeFly 3D screen protector for iPhone (Digital Spy)
EyeFly 3D screen protector for iPhone (Digital Spy)

3D EyeFly screen protector uses micro lens technology to send different perspectives of the same image to the user. Accessory screen protector is made of glass temperature 9H. These accessories work without ‘sacrificing’ the brightness of the display device.

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iPhone Accessories

Retail store I Want One of Those sell for This screen protector 14.99 Pounds in British. EyeFly also offers a 3D overlay screen for the iPad Air and Water iPad 2 which can be obtained on the EyeFly official website.

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