5 Best Apps can help your Work

Technological developments now make most people can not let go of their Smartphones. Because by using certain apps, some work can be resolved with a better, faster, or easier. There are even best apps that can ‘act’ as a digital maid. This is because the mobile phone apps that can help the work so that every job becomes easy.

five best apps for work:

1. Humin

humin apps

Humin are apps that can alert every detail of your needs, just like a personal butler. Such as when and where you will meet someone. With Humin, you can also get the ease of searching for contacts using familiar phrases, such as “met last week”. If interested in trying to help Humin, you may download it for free on a mobile phone that uses the operating system iOS.

2. Evernote

Evernote will remind you of a small notebook, but with the digital version. these apps can store a variety of things you want to remember. Such as photos, web pages, notes, PDF files, audio, and even a list that must be done.

Evernote is indexing feature display. So you can get the ease in finding the data you’ve stored there. As Humin, you can download Evernote for free. In fact not only for owners of iOS smart phones, also users of Android, Windows Phone, PC, Mac, and Google Chrome.

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3. Sunrise

Sunrise is a form of calendar apps that connect to social media sites LinkedIn. Therefore, these apps will provide an overview and profile of people or clients who have appointments with you. Sunrise also you can download for free with the iOS and Android operating systems.

4. Day One

Do you like to write a daily journal? If so, Day One will be right for your apps. Day One can even record the weather conditions and the location of your destination. When you want to share with relatives, Day One can help upload the journey to your Facebook page.

Unfortunately, not everyone can freely use these apps. For Day One only intended for users of Apple devices, such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Even for download, you have to pay US $ 4.99.

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5. Vesper

When you feel you can not set up a schedule of activities, it seems you have to ask for help Vesper. Because these apps can give you easy to mark all the things that must be done. By Vesper, you can synchronize all records for free. Also organize your notes into a simpler, easier, and prevent it from falling apart.

To be able to enjoy the apps Vesper, you will be charged US $ 2.99. These apps could only run on a mobile phone operating system iOS.

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