5 Best Note App for Android, free and Most Popular

For those of you who like to write or for you who often find an idea of when a particular situation, but you’re not bringing supplies stationery. Well for those of you who have Android Smartphone to record all your needs can be done. There was also a hobby or your job as a writer can also be more practical and easier. Therefore here we would recommend and review some of the best android notes app, the most popular free and you can get on Google PlayStore.

Best Note App for Android


Evernote best note app

Evernote is one of the best note apps for the most popular Smartphones are used by many people. There have been many people who feel the ease of this Evernote app. With this app you can change the format be bold, italic, underline. Each paragraph can be marked with numbers and bullet points, moreover we can record audio, video and photographs. Uniquely like google voice, he can record every greeting us in a sentence writing. What is interesting also from the app Evernote we can paint using finger touch or stylus pen.

This android app proved best for getting ratings of 4.6 and popular with the amount of nearly 100 million downloads. really fantastic for an note app, for its own file size varies depending on the version of your Android Smartphone. Evernote app is free, but if you want to enjoy all the features in it, you have to buy the paid version.

Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep best note app

note app made by Google Inc.’s highly deserves to be the best note app for Android now, though released later after Evernote, but Google Keep able to match in terms of popularity, the number who downloaded nearly 50 million users and has a rating of 4.5 it means that only 1 Evernote points below. With this app you can make a note in the form of notes, lists, photos and audio with a more fresh and comfortable on the eyes. Make notes as easy as talking that automatically dictated in a note, you can use the search facility to use voice to access more quickly and efficiently. With notes on Google you need not fear losing your records because it is automatically integrated with Google drives that you can access on the Google Keep website. With a small file size is only 8.4 MB and can be installed on an Android version of ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and is also the most interesting Google Keep app is regularly updated to further improve the various enable this feature in it.

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SomNote – Beautiful Note App

SomNote best note app


SomNote is the best android note app that we can create journal entries in the form of a beautiful and attractive thanks to the choice of themes and 4 fonts attractive option. Same as above app, you can create / insert images in this app to then provide writing that you want. There Fiture sync to your PC or iPad, you can sort the records by date and alphabetically, create folders etc. In addition, you can secure your folders and records and lock it with a password. Uniquely we can activate automatic backups enable this feature and we can return the records that have been deleted to its original state. With the achievement of a 4.5 rating, it is worth it to get nominated app SomeNote 1 point behind Evernote and quite popular today with a total of more than 3 million downloads android users. With a small enough file size is only 12 MB is suitable for you who have a Smartphone with limited memory size and can be installed in android versions 2,3,3 and higher.


OneNote best note app

A note app that I think is a serious rival in the top 3 apps. Microsoft’s app has a variety feature which is almost similar to Evernote as the letters are becoming bold, italic and underlined. You can make a record, update it, and double check later. Feature paintings using fingertips + stylus are also available in OneNote. Uniquely, you can search for specific words in spite of an image. There are widgets that allow us to make notes, images and audio on the fly without opening the app. In addition you can add a note of our favorite menu that appears on the home screen for faster access. With a 4.1 rating is worth referred to as the best android note app and has been downloaded nearly 5 million users. With only 25 MB file size you can install it in the android version 4.1 and higher.

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Any. do Task List & To-do List

Any.do best note app

Any. do app allow you to organize tasks – tasks and projects individually and collectively to create a note can be text, audio, video and faster Dropbox. With a clean look and simpler make this app runs with very mild. Regarding Fiture – enable this feature was not much different from some note app above. This app getting a 4.5 rating and has been downloaded between 5m – 10 million Android users worldwide. For its size varies depending on the version you have Android Smartphone. Any. do app is free, but if you are a true professional, you should subscribe to the premium is only $ 2.99 / month or $ 26.99 / year in order to enjoy all Fiture in it, among others, themes, reminders, priority support from the team Any. do etc.

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