5 Best Security App For Your Smartphone

Mobile phone or Smartphone nowadays has become a major human need, which makes the owner always carry the phone wherever he went. Practical to carry mobile phones anywhere on the go all the data stored in the phone.

Lookout android security apps

Phones that are not protected with security software will be quickly exposed to the virus or data stolen by hackers. Therefore it is better to protect your Smartphone with best security app or anti-virus app.

Here are 5 best security app for your Smartphone:

360 Mobile Security.

Mobile phones are vulnerable to viruses, malware and infections that can interfere, including the corrupt will also slow down someone’s cell phone. Now many viruses that infect our devices when downloading files or tracks. We are not aware of the type of virus or spyware that we download. 360 mobile app free version is quite nice and very user friendly. This app does not take up much space on the phone. This app can also delete your history and act as an advisor privacy. If you are interested in a strong protective and ease of use, it does not hurt to use this app.

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AVG Antivirus Security.

AVG has always been one of the most trusted web protection, AVG is now present in the Smartphone device. The AVG Antivirus Security app allows users to store data safely and also protects from malware and spyware viruses. This app allows you to browse sites, download games, songs and safely app, run the scan in real time.

Kaspersky Mobile Security.

app from the security company for this software is not new but Kaspersky is an antivirus that is trusted by many companies. Kaspersky Security allows you to check whatever, which has been seen by others in your phone, as well as help you to find your phone when lost, and the most important part to screen calls and unwanted text.

Norton Antivirus Security.

The Norton Mobile app can scan every app you want to download. This antivirus protects your phone from viruses, theft, malware and loss. This app is very helpful if you lose your phone, as it allows you to send customized messages to people who have it. This app also allows you to block calls and unwanted messages.

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Lookout Security & Antivirus.

This app is very interesting because it can see the position of a lost phone on Google maps. All can be done by going to lookout.com and track the phone. With this app you will be notified if stolen by people. In addition, the app Lookout Security can also send an email, the image of people who try to steal your mobile phone along with the location, even if the phone is turned off. So use the app immediately and store data and your information secure.

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