5 Tips to Increase the Speed of Android Without Rooting

Many Android devices are not balanced between the operating system (OS) and its specifications. How easy way to speed?

android 5.0 speed

One of the distinguishing Android with iOS is not having its own standard specifications. Sometimes between the OS and the hardware specifications are not balanced which leads to the delayed performance of the device.

To speed up the performance, one of the favorites is rooting. One advantage of the process of rooting Android is a performance that is faster.

But there are some easy ways to speed up the performance of the device without rooting.

Increase the Speed of Android

1. Turn off screen animation and live wallpapers

The display screen is an important aspect of speeding up the performance of the device. The trick is to disable the live wallpaper (if wear) and animated screen that can be done in the display settings or display.

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2. Use only app needed

There are millions of app in the Google Play Store. However, you should only install that really necessary because the Android app is installed in ROM which typically have limited capacity.

3. Turn off background data and synchronization

Data connectivity especially those with a high speed following background synchronization should be turned off to increase the speed and duration of the battery.

You’ll want to install the app that can control the use of your data and synchronize background.

4. Note the use of RAM

To control the use of RAM, you can use a particular app as a task-killer to increase the amount of available RAM memory, which will be useful to increase the speed of the device.

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5. The screen clean homescreen

not filled with widgets and icons that are not too important, wallpapers enough so that the device can only work faster.

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