6 Things You Need to Know about Windows 10

windows 10 previewMicrosoft released the Windows 10 operating system on Tuesday (09/30/2014) in Seattle, USA. The new system is claimed to be suitable for use not only on conventional computers but also on gadgets such as tablets and smart mobile phones.

Windows 10 comes three years after Microsoft launched Windows 8, the system is considered by some analysts failed to win the hearts of the users of the computer world.

Here are 6 things you might need to know about Windows 10:

1 When can I upgrade?
Microsoft is expected to begin release of Windows 10 in 2015, after meeting the developer Build event held in April. However the price of the new program was not divulged to the public.

2 Why does not Windows 9?
The latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is Windows 8, then why not launch first Windows 9?

The reason, obviously Terry Myerson, Windows business unit head, as this latest operating system presents a fundamental change in the computer’s performance. Microsoft wants to show that significant progress by skipping one number in the naming of the newest products.

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3. computer or tablet?
Windows 10 system suitable for use on conventional computers, tablets, and smart mobile phones. Display the interface will change to follow whatever gadget you use.

4 What about applications?
You can buy the app and use it on any device that applying a Windows 10 application The developers seem to have to make an application that can be used in all the gadgets and computer-system of Windows 10.

5. How to display a Windows 8 app?
Display on Windows 8, the application fills the screen making it easier for users of touch screen technology, will be presented as optional features in Windows 10.

Let’s say you use a hybrid computer like Surface Pro 3 or Samsung Ativ that could serve as laptops and tablets. When your keyboard is still attached, Windows 10 will display the “Start” menu like the older systems. But when the keyboard is removed, your computer will display a menu tree like on Windows 8 which is suitable for touch screen devices.

6 Start Menu?
Windows 10 Start menu is back to the old software displays: located in the lower left corner and filled with shortcuts. But in the Start menu column will also appear in Live Tile contains the application, which can be arranged by your own, similar to Windows 8.

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Windows 10 also has Snap, a useful feature when you want to develop applications on your computer. That feature also supports multiple desktop, so you can group similar applications in one screen and other applications on the other screen can be shifted. (CNET)


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