7 Tips for Securing Your iPhone from Hackers

For most users of Smartphones, the iPhone is a gadget that is very desirable to have. However, because the price is quite expensive, often we are not able to afford it. But not a few today who uses the Apple gadget.

Securing Your iPhone

Various cool features are owned by the iPhone, but about security, Smartphone is the same as the others, are vulnerable to piracy. For that, we must secure our iPhone, especially if there are a variety of important documents in it.

Here are seven tips for securing your iPhone:

1. Use the PIN or fingerprint security

All the things we can do this now using Smartphones, either to reply to the email, banking, browsing, online shopping, and it is very dangerous if we leave our Smartphone anywhere. Locking the screen will protect sensitive data from the interference of others. For that turn the numeric PIN or fingerprint scanning, and does not use a PIN that is easy to guess.

2. Use sentence

If you want more than a four-digit security PIN, you can choose instead is a passphrase. To do so, go to your settings, click the “Touch ID and Passcode” and change “Simple Passcode” be off. It allows you to create an access code which is longer and more complex with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and other symbols.

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3. Self destruct

If you seriously want to stop intruders while taking over your mobile phone, then you can tell the phone to erase all data. On the same page in the settings, you can enable the “erase the data,” This will erase all data when ten times enter the wrong PIN.

4. Privacy Settings

You have dozens app installed on the phone, and all have access to a wide range of features or data on your phone: some can use the camera, microphone, maybe even get to see your photos. You will have to give the app permission to do this. Go to Settings, then click on “privacy”. Here you will be able to choose which app has privileges to the data.

5. Turn off notifications

Ability to view a summary of the notification on the lock screen is very useful, but it also provides personal and confidential data. Remember, notification or notification will display the contents of the message that you receive, and various other things.

6. Disable Siri

Just as with the notice, Siri could divulge the data, even when your phone is locked. A hacker could find your phone unattended, and can ask questions that could reveal personal information. To disable it, go to settings, then “Touch ID and passcode” and set the “allow access when locked” on Siri to off.

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7. Type own

Auto Fill is a useful feature, whenever Safari see a box that asks your name, username, password or credit card details, and it fills automatically for you. This feature is certainly very good, except when someone else using your phone it could be dangerous. To turn it off, go to settings, then click “Password & AutoFill”.

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