Advanced Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

samsung galaxy note 4 s-penSince the early presence of Samsung GALAXY Note has a large display and S-Pen which is preferred by professionals and creative circles. Understanding the needs of customers, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 spawned with the S-Pen and more advanced features so as to improve the productivity of its users.

Brilliant ideas and notes of meetings so much easier to be poured through a Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So, what makes the S-Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is more sophisticated than the previous series?

Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Feature

S-Pen on Samsung GALAXY Note 4 is more sensitive to distinguish the power of pressure when writing, making scratches and thin and thick posts with ease. Users can also choose more nib, including calligraphy pens that make handwriting more beautiful and seemed to write on paper.

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For the selection of photos in the gallery and taking pictures (screenshots) can now be done more easily and quickly because of the S-Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 serves as the mouse and select the smart features are supported.

The advantages of the S-Pen is getting real benefits when the applications contained in the Samsung Galaxy Note supported Multi Window that allows users to open more than two pages of the application with some form of Floating Window.

Multi Window can be accessed through the recent apps (home screen) and to change the look of an application into a Floating Window enough to swipe from the top right corner of the screen to the bottom left.

If you get annoyed with Floating Window display but do not want to close the application, you just do the Collapse Window so that the application will be reduced to a small circle that can be reopened at any time.

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