Android L Vs KitKat

android l vs kitkatAfter Google launched Android L on the I / O some time ago, a lot of new features and improvements in the works this time, especially in the design is quite interesting. Admittedly the Google Android version, began to design the future tend to be more flat, minimalist, and colorful than earlier versions.



Quoting from Phonearena, Google also has worked hard to bring a small detail in the form of animation. Overhaul design becomes a big problem, especially when considering how Android looks KitKat. Though small, the change was introduced in the platform design.

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Of course many of you want to know how the next version of the most popular operating system in the world compared to the KitKat version. Let’s look at the comparison visually.

Android L Vs Android KitKat

1 Lockscreen, now with shortcuts and notification support.

Android L Vs KitKat lockscreen

2 Homescreen

Android L Vs KitKat homescreen

3 App Drawer

Android L Vs KitKat app

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