Best and Most Popular Chat Apps

the emergence of several mutually chat apps offers a variety of interesting features in it, makes chatting more favored by users of the gadget via SMS messaging. And on this occasion I would like to share a list of chat apps info about the best and most popular today. For you who like to chat activity can be the info very useful for you. Immediately you see in the list below.

Best and Most Popular chat apps list


WhatsApp best chat apps

Whatsapps or usually we often call with WA, is one of the best chat apps and the most popular today. In this apps a lot of interesting features it offers, such as send video, send photos and instant messaging. You can also change the background of your chat using the background you want. Whatsapps apps is offered free of charge for users of Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BBM chat apps

Surely you all are already familiar with this chat apps, BBM apps is purely made of BlackBerry Mobile. This apps offers a variety of features that are very much in demand by the user. Thus very many users who use BBM apps, plus the emergence of this apps on Android and iOS, but unfortunately this BBM apps for Windows Phone can not work optimally.

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WeChat apps

One of the uniqueness of this one chat apps lies in its many emoticons, so chat you will feel alive and not monotone. WeChat apps also has functions such as Whatsapps, where you can use it to exchange photos, videos, and messages. This apps has been available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Skype chat

Formerly Skype is used by business people to chat on the PC, but now the apps is now officially available on the mobile. Skype apps has a lot of convenience for you to chat. Skype is also equipped with emoticons funny as on Whatsapps.

Google Hangouts

Google-Hangouts chat apps

Google Hangouts is a newcomer apps made by Google. By using this apps, users can chat as much. The look of the apps is almost like Yahoo Messager, where users can send each other text messages, send photos and videos. If you are one of the users of Android devices, this time you can begin to run.

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That’s the best chat apps list of the most popular today, if you currently do not have it would not hurt if you collect them today. Hopefully this article about the best chat apps could be useful for you all.

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