Best Android Dialer Apps for Smartphone

The Best Android Dialer Apps is the main part of your smartphone. It is where to make phone calls and every phone comes with a dialer that makes the basics – dial numbers and display contacts. But there is much more can make the implementation of a good dialer.

This can range from the search for better than a floating head of chat that allows you to quickly call a favorite contact. Here is the Best Android Dialer Apps.

Best Android Dialer Apps for you



Dialapp has a number of intelligent features that offer a new way to entire manage and interact with your contacts. From the simple ‘hit from left to the right pass text to call’ the menu contact press and hold the integrated search support to people and places, the magical list – a list of contacts dynamic that it fits their patterns of usage-based, and search by voice, Dialapp is certainly worthy of attention.

I like especially the ‘small contacts’ function, which is just another name for temporary contacts, which get deleted after a period by which does not wake up to realize a day, half of your contacts are people who probably never to call again.

Dialapp is synchronized with your Google account and the user interface is also very attractive, also can be customized with various themes.

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Ready Contact List

Ready Contact List

It is difficult to judge any of these dialer applications are “the best”, “second best”, “worse” and so on, since you can not really argue with someone’s taste. However, ready is definitely my favorite bookmark application, especially now, after out of the beta with a new interface design of Material, which is beautiful as it is functional.

Ready offers the called bubble, an interesting new feature that integrates various applications like Whatsapp, Viber, calendar and Gmail among others, tracking offering shortcuts for them after a call but also keeps you updated while there is an incoming call.

On the main screen you can see at a glance your favorite contacts and call history, and alphabetical search dial can be accessed by sliding to the left. The application is free, although there is a Pro version with (some really interesting features like Predictive Dialer) and various topics and several IAPs.

The interesting part is that you can also unlock the functions of premium free, by earning points through a referral code that you can share with your friends.

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KK phone

KK Phone

KK is one of the best android dialer, with all essential features and its user interface has been updated to comply with the standards of Material Design. The application offers search text and voice, search T9 for English and Chinese dual SIM support and customizable among other features a speed dial.

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There is also the option to import / export contacts, all/missed call logs, and voice mail. KK is an application of dialer light, free of resource consumption – if this is what you’ve been looking for is worth a try, also looks great and receives frequent updates.

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dialer+ is really easy to navigate and has a clean and modern user interface. It allows you to block unwanted people and backup your contacts, messages and dialed numbers.

Dialer+ shows images of your contacts from Facebook and Google+, you can perform searches based on gestures and includes various topics that you can use to customize it. The application is developed by contacts+ creators, was in fact designed as an extension of this rich contacts Manager.

You can use it on your own, but if you want all the features, the best way to achieve this is to use along with Contacts. Speaking of, the same team also developed Messenger+, another extension to the main application’s contacts+ and you can use all three apps for the full set of features, which is the best way to go, in my humble opinion.

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ExDialer has achieved a deserved level of best android dialer, as the application comes with a lot of useful features such as smart algorithm of T9 that predicts the contact entries and a handful of useful shortcuts that let you quickly access favorite contacts, phone number search and frequently used contacts.

The function “left punch to the text, right pass to call” is also available and the application is compatible with more than 30 languages, which is quite impressive. Also replaces the contacts application and allows you to add a variety of plugins and themes, making even more functional and customizable – ExDialer and totally worth the price it.

There is a free trial period 5 days – giving you plenty of time to test ExDialer – since you will be asked which purchased the Pro key.

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Truedialer is a dialer with an impressive amount of features, and the application is completely free, with no included IAPs. Offers clock search integration, T9 search and dual SIM support for a large number of devices.
The application also allows you to manage your agenda is more than a placeholder and the coup is now offering essential left/right to send text messages and call. The user interface is easy on the eyes, it is incredibly easy to navigate. Truedialer is one of the best applications free dialer for Android devices, perfect if you want to get to a full dialer without spending a penny.

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Reactiv Phone Dialer

Reactiv Phone Dialer

Honestly I can’t see nothing of what sets apart from other applications in the Reactiv Phone Dialer, but is very well built and offers the set of features that make it a viable alternative to common dialers.

Still, the application works seamlessly, includes contact smart T9 dialer, call history, speed dial, support for multiple languages and favorite contacts among its features. What is certainly a plus, is the clean UI design Material, although the free version does not allow to customize. Alternative colours and a dark theme for the interface is only available in the Pro version.

If you don’t need a lot of features of your dialer, Reage phone dialer is a simple alternative that is also light and works perfectly

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Contacts+ it is not a name that you would associate with a dialer of the application, but this application is more than a bookmark. It brings together a powerful Contact Manager that connects many of their profiles in line, caller ID and blocking of spam, predictive dialing, and a centralized messaging Center. It is an experience that also has important functions such as numeric dialing and dialing T9.

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DW Contacts

DW Contacts

It is an ideal application for people who need to juggle with several groups of contacts every day. Contacts of DW has labels for contacts to groups and individuals with information about the company making it easy to find people. There is also an agenda view which shows you all the events scheduled with the contact that is on.

Birthdays and events imported from Facebook, meetings calendar imported from Outlook – everything related to this contact which is the calendar appears in the contact page. The user interface is also nice and lets you skip right to call and pass to the left to the text – very convenient.

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