10 Best Android Music Downloader 2015

Download your favorite songs on your mobile phone instantly is possible because it is known that the best music downloader available now in the Android market are running mainly to provide maximum ease of use, with graphical interfaces that make us much simpler tasks such making in this way to improve your experience as a user of this type of device.

In the following lines, we have prepared a best android music downloader so you don’t miss any of the hits from the radio and you can have them available on your mobile to listen to them whenever you want.

Each app library does not have all the songs, but we believe that if you combine more than one safe that you can have the catalog of music that you want free.

Top Android music downloader Apps for Free


tiny tunes music downloader
tiny tunes music downloader

A music downloader app have all the songs that we want to find, and that is what makes the Tinytunes app to perfection. Its design is quite simple, but your music library is powerful. In it you can search music with the title of the song, artist, or album.

At the top of the app you have a search bar to put in it the criteria by which you want to search. This also puts at our disposal a music player and even a simple tool to create ringtones with our songs.

Download Tinytunes

Music Maniac

music maniac android music downloader
music maniac android music downloader

Another app to download music for free through our Android phone. This also allows us to hear the song before downloading it, to know so if it is the song that we seek, and not waste time previously. The songs are saved on our phone, so you can listen them offline.

The app is free, but its interface is completely in English. That Yes, you have very interesting options (as well as an interesting library), and is that you can download the songs as a ringtone directly.

Download Music Maniac

Gtunes Music

Gtunes Music Downloader
Gtunes Music Downloader

Another great app to download music for free on the Google Play. The app has internal publicity but is quite discreet, so it doesn’t bother when usa app. This also includes a music player for listening to our songs through GTunes, and you can hear part of the song you are going to download before you do, to make sure that it is just that you are looking for.

To download music seeks it on different search engines, so the number of songs that you can download with this downloaded app is very broad. You can even stop and continue an app for the same discharge. You can also edit the ID3 tags, set songs as ringtones, etc.

Download Gtunes Music

MP3 Music Downloader

Mp3 Music Downloader
Mp3 Music Downloader

Simple and very easy to use, this app to download songs will allow us to download files to mp3 with our favorite songs to have them on our phone and be able to listen to them offline whenever you want. Your browser’s music promises us to have available the best music of all Google Play.

Besides the ability to download songs, Mp3 Music Downloader provides us a mp3 player to listen to them. Little by little we will update our library of music almost without realizing. The app is free, although it contains advertising. But it is not invasive, and also has no advertising of push notification.

Download Mp3 Music Downloader

Fast Mp3 Free Download

Fast Mp3 Free Download
Fast Mp3 Free Download

Fast Mp3 offers many more possibilities as well as download free music (which of course is what most interests us). But in addition to download songs, it can hear and even download these letters. All this with a simple and intuitive interface. In addition the app is quite light, which makes it compatible with many models of Android phones.

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Its search engine is fast and rather broad, we can save songs directly on the SD card, our phone performance will not be affected… It is a highly recommended app to download free songs.

Download Fast Mp3 Free Download

Ares MP3 Online

ARES MP3 ONLINE android music downloader
ARES MP3 ONLINE android music downloader

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular of its kind, since in general, it is an excellent tool to download music, because among other things, Ares MP3 Online allows us to search and find new songs. Despite its name, the app has no relationship with Ares, the renowned program for PC that is often also used to download music.

It is important to mention that the app has a large number of songs available, of different genres and artists, so we can almost always find what you are looking for.

In regards to its graphic interface, Ares MP3 Online possesses a home screen clean and simple, no advertising content, so their use is fast and really comfortable. In this sense, to use it, we have to do is enter the name of the song or the artist in the field available for it, and immediately the results will be displayed.

If you are interested, you can download Ares MP3 Online for Android for free at this link.


VMUSIC for android
VMUSIC for android

In this case we are faced with a much more complete than the previous app, since in addition to search audio allows us to search for videos, and of course our favorite songs download and store the Android device.

Among other things, VMusic allows us to also find the lyrics of the songs that we have obtained, and have access to the Billboard charts. Also has a database of more than 15 million songs, of the most diverse genres and from all parts of the world.

Also offers the ability to create lists of favorites, which makes it possible that we can have better organized content available, for better access to the songs that we want to hear.

In regards to video, VMusic perhaps is not so good, since its load tends to be somewhat slow, but as for the music, it’s worth try.

If you want, you can download the app at this link.


WDOWNLOADER music download
WDOWNLOADER music download

This is a simple app, ideal for those who only wish to download music in MP3 format on their Android devices, and are not interested in other advanced settings. In this regard, the app interface is really simple and devoid of superfluous paragraphs, since its function is well specific: download music.

Its use is of course simple, only need enter the song or artist name in the corresponding field of the main screen of the app, and wait a few seconds until the results are displayed. Once found the searched, we need only click on the desired item and then click on the download button.

Note that it also allows us to play the songs, so we can hear before what then we will decide whether to download or not.

If you want you can download the app in Android music download for free at this link.

MP3 Music Download

MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD for android
MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD for android

Another interesting alternative to download music directly to your Android device, allowing us to download songs that we like directly to our library of music of the smartphone or tablet.

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The app has a very well organized and simple interface which makes it really easy, even for the most novice users. However, this makes that generally lacks certain advanced alternative.

In regards to your organization, MP3 Music Download window is divided into tabs, according to the features offered, and searches are carried out through the “Search” item. It also includes the “Player” function to give us the chance to listen to the songs before downloading them.

It should be noted that whenever we hear a song, the app automatically generates a play list, which contains all the songs we played.

The only drawback that presents the app resides in that at the moment we are downloading a song, crashes the interface, so it can not be used at the same time the player, or perform another download simultaneously.

If you are interested, you can download the free app from this link.

Free Mp3 Downloads


Free Mp3 Downloads works similar to the app above, since it allows us to search, download and listen to songs, that if only those who have license download and free distribution, i.e. Creative Commons.

The use of the app is really simple, since from the “Download” tab we can perform the search, and thus get a variety of results from around the world.

Once downloaded songs, they are directly stored in a folder in the SD card from the Android device, which is called by default

“Music-FreeMp3Downloads”, and to access to the files and folder can be done from the same program, or from the music player that you use on the computer, as well as from the music library.

Perhaps worthy of critical points on the one hand is that its database is limited, since it does not include songs which are distributed in a commercial manner, and that in addition the app at the moment is only available in English, German, Russian and Lithuanian languages.

If you are interested in testing the tool, you can do so from this link.

Easy Downdloader MP3


As its name implies, the use of this app to download songs to your Android device is really simple, since it has a system of quick search, and downloads that we make are completely free of charge.

Among other things, it is important to mention that this app does not have an own database, they use what can be found on the Internet from sites in which shared MP3 songs for download, provided that it is through Copyleft and Creative Commons licenses.

As in the other tools, it includes a built-in player to listen to each song before downloading it, and also provides the possibility of establishing a particular MP3 file to be used as a phone ringtone from the interface of the app.

An important data to take into account is that it has support for several languages, including the Spanish.

You can download the app at this link.

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