Best App for Fashion enthusiasts

Fashion enthusiasts can now take advantage of the latest app that can help choose the desired outfit, before buying.

App for Fashion enthusiasts

Quoted from Mashable, Friday (11/14/2014), express themselves through fashion is art, thus requiring integrated social app that makes users appear more stylist.

Here are some app for Fashion enthusiasts

1. Whisp

app messages into one of the fashion trends after the acquisition of WhatsApp worth USD19 billion.

Whisp is a messaging app focuses on fashion, and is now available on the iPad and the web. The plan will also be present on the iPhone.

Display beautiful app interface, users can drag and drop the preferred product in the mailbox to get the opinion of your friends.

Whisp also integrated with Facebook, so your friends can send messages in Whisp without downloading the app itself.

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2. ASAP54

If you’ve ever struggled browsing with Google search for shoes that have been sold out, color, style, texture is desired, the app will require ASAP54.

The app creates best picture search for fashion, and will be launched on iOS in February.

When taking photos of clothes strangers in public would be awkward, you can use the photos found online.

Style Eyes has a similar app in Europe, and Slyce is using technology that can be used by retailers on their own website.

3. Pose

Pose is a weather app, to decide what to wear in order to be adapted to the existing. By checking the location where you are, Pose determining the local weather forecast and provide photos and collections to inspire your clothes.

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Pose app can help narrow down your choices before going to the office or to the gym. Pose is now available on Android and iOS.

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