Best App to Hide Text Messages for Android

Keep track of text messages in the phone in private is not something simple, every time that Android is there an option specifies to allow third parties access to this content. While it is true that can block the mobile using a pattern, a PIN or a password, as a more efficient alternative we can hide messages SMS on Android through the use of apps specially designed for this purpose.

Hide Text messages SMS on Android: 5 apps that you have to try

Vault-Hide SMS

Vault android hide text messages

Finally, we fear this app which not only allows us to hide messages SMS on Android, but also is an app that allows you to hide photos, videos, and call logs. Its operation is also simple; creates a storage space on your phone where all private contacts, SMS messages, images and videos, in such a way that when you receive a call or message, it is stored directly in the safe is stored. Download vault APK from

Safe SMS Lite

Safe SMS Lite android

The first of the Android apps to hide SMS messages is Safe SMS Lite, which allows us to send and receive text messages private and password-protected. Its operation is simple; We only install the app; Configure an access password, and finally select the contacts that you want to protect by hiding the SMS. Download

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Hide SMS – Private Text Vault

Hide SMS – Private Text Vault

It is also an app that also allows us to hide in Android SMS messages, in this case through a vault of safety where they keep the messages hidden and protected from third parties. Every time you enter a message, a notification message appears in the status bar, however the message remains hidden in the vault above. Download

Private Message Box: Hide SMS

Private Message Box android

Along with the ability to hide SMS text messages, this app also allows to protect multimedia messages, as well as the contacts call log.

To do this the user must configure an Access PIN code and then define as private contacts phone numbers that you want to protect. Both incoming and outgoing messages, are hidden automatically and not be accessible to them without the PIN code.
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Hide SMS – Private SMS Box

Hide SMS – Private SMS Box

This is also an app for the protection of the SMS messages, also with a function that allows you to hide the messages sent and received. As in the previous, here is a kind of safe deposit box where messages are saved so that someone else can access them. Similarly, messages that are hidden automatically. Download for android


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