Best App to Save Pictures and Videos of Snapchat 2016

Best App to Save Pictures and Videos of Snapchat. one of the most popular app for sharing pictures and videos privately. The philosophy of this app is based on sharing photos and videos then it will be automatically deleted so that it does not become evidence.

Of course this is something that can easily be overcome with a simple screenshot, but the problem is that the app detects when you do a screenshot and notifies the person who send the photo or video to your you have performed this action.

How to save pictures and videos of SNAPCHAT

Then 2 ways to save photos and videos from Snapchat without knowing the other person:

Snap Save for Snapchat [no Jailbreak] – Best App to Save Pictures and Videos of Snapchat

Snapsave for snapchat

For those who do not use Jailbreak, there is a free app (but with integrated shopping) in App Store called Snap Save for Snapchat which is connected with Snapchat and receive photos and videos that you sent so that you can take screenshots or save them directly in your film without that other person becomes aware.

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So it works for you, you must first open the messages in this app before opening them in Snapchat, otherwise you can not open to save them or make screenshot in this app. The function of save directly on the reel has cost of integrated purchase for $2.99. To start using it, the only thing you need is to have an account on Snapchat and enter with your user and password.

Download Snap Save for Snapchat on itunes

For Android users:

Download Snap Save for Snapchat apk for Android from

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Phantom [with Jailbreak]

Phantom snapchat

For those who use Jailbreak, there is a free Tweak from Cydia called Phantom, which eliminates the Snapchat time limit and allows you to save the photo or video in your film without knowing the other person.

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