If you are of those who have an otaku inside and like galore, already you’ve experienced probably with some Best to Watch on that allow you to enjoy a good time of entertainment.when you don’t have your computer at hand, or simply you like to see on your Tablet or smartphone that anime series that is fashionable anywhere.

As for anime in Android refers, offer is often not very wide and is very common that change with the time since some are removed from Play Store for violating the terms of copyright, so without further ADO, I leave you with this small but substantial review of 3 excellent applications that you can use on your cell phone or Tablet to see anime.

with appropriate apps, you can see virtually any series by streaming or direct

Each Best App to Watch Anime has its pros and cons and is difficult to find a single App that complies with everything you need, so is good to have one or 2 additional alternatives on hand to view the favorite anime series when your main application fails or does not have it.

As a separate note, it should be noted that it is possible to view anime series from the browser itself without having to install an App dedicated to the subject, but it is much more comfortable in the majority of cases to use PPPs as a page when the second is adapted for mobile devices.

List of The Best App to Watch Anime on Android devices:

Best App to Watch Anime Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Best App to Watch Anime

One of the Best App to Watch Anime and complete to see in Android, Crunchyroll anime is of the few apps that you’ll find transmitting anime legally in the Play Store. He has a very friendly and relatively easy to use interface, which allows you to quickly reach the series that you are browsing. For extreme fans, it boasts a Premium subscription that opens the sunsets to better video quality and access to newer titles much earlier than free users.


  • It has ChromeCast support even with a free account which is great to see your series on TV.
  • The series are subtitled to the Spanish (most, because there are some classics that has subtitles in English only).
  • It has a section on “History” where are stored the last episodes you have seen. This is especially useful to return to a series that makes time not to look and don’t remember in that episode left off.
  • When a chapter is left half and closes the application, then open the same chapter, the application ask you if want to resume the video from the point where you left off or restart it.
  • If you are a Premium user you can access the new episodes of the series that there are in the catalog, even on the same day that are released in Japan only with a few hours of delay.
  • For lovers of Oriental novels, there is a section dedicated to this type of content, that are not yet “Drama” anime have been very strong lately.


  • Series catalogue is usually much smaller than other non-legal alternatives, but the tendency is to grow and to have more popular series.
  • If you are not a user Premium will be interrupted during playback of your chapter with trade. This presence is little annoying, but the truth can be very annoying if you take into account that they are sometimes up to 3 commercial followed that you placed, or that it penalizes you with more commercial if you try to fast-forward or rewind the video.
  • Not be gives you the possibility of changing the quality of the video, something especially useful if you are using a connection that is not very good.
  • Only Premium users have access to HD video quality.
    Some series are restricted depending on the country in which you find yourself, for what you’re going to have to resort to some trick of VPN to see.
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Download on Google play
Price: Free


UnderAnime Best App to Watch Anime

Underanime, it has one of the best interfaces I’ve seen in apps to see anime. It is very complete and its catalog of series is huge.

This App has one of the best interfaces see anime in android. Catalogue series is huge


  • A catalogue of series, movies, and OVAs very decent, although not all chapters are up to date with series that are transmitting now. If you don’t mind waiting awhile to see the last chapters of this should not be a big problem.
  • The quality of the video can be changed. This is especially useful if your internet connection is not the best and you want to see the videos much faster if wait that you loaded.
  • You can mark your favorite series to more quickly access them
  • The chapters already viewed are marked with a different color to give you a visual reminder of what you already saw.
  • If you leave a video if you finish it, returning to it can resume it where you left it.
  • You can choose the subtitle between Spanish and English taste.
  • Possibility to download episodes for viewing offline.
  • For those who like socializing among fans of anime, the
  • App has Chat rooms own to assemble the hottest discussions on your favorite series.


  • I do not know what such legal, but if and took it from the Play Store, it means that it is possible that we do not have it forever so there is while it is running.
  • There are banners in the application, but at least there is no trade in the midst of the videos.
  • Chromecast support is enabled only with the PRO version (which by the way already will not let me try as the Play Store this disabled support for shopping).


JKanime Best App to Watch Anime

JKanime, At the time this was a very popular in a Play Store, one of the Best App to Watch Anime, but it was withdrawn. Today we have an unofficial App that is a port of the page of JKanime that works very well, and meets with a lot of what we expect of all Best App to Watch Anime to satisfy Otaku.
see anime in android

It has an excellent interface that reminds underanime

the catalog series is tremendous


  • The interface is very well designed and is very easy to reach the series you are looking for.
  • The catalogue of series is huge.
  • You can set your preferences for audio language and subtitle language.
    Ability to mark your favorite series
  • It offers a variety of premium accounts to access additional functions
  • Unfortunately experience many delays in loading episodes


  • Chromecast support is limited to Premium users
  • For some reason the chapters are slow to load on this app compared to the others I’ve tried on the same network.
  • Download chapters for offline only available for PRO users

Best Anime from Japan

Best Anime from Japan

Not as visually attractive as previous Apps, this app is still available in the Play Store an important catalogue of series at your disposal. It can be used as a backup in case of not finding the series you are looking for in the above applications. Its performance is quite always and except for one other detail very well meets its main function, which is the play the videos.

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its interface is not very friendly but its catalog series is very good

Unfortunately there are only subtitles or dubbing into English available


  • You can select the quality of the video before starting playback, especially useful for slow connections.
  • It has a catalogue of quite large anime and is relatively easy to move around the application to find what you are looking for.
  • You can choose the quality of the video


  • It is not very legal to say, in fact now that I realize the application name change in the Play Store since the last time that I saw her (only 3 days ago), which leads to think that it can disappear at any time.
  • This app is not focused to a public Hispanic or latino, so it is not in Spanish; also the subtitle of the series are in
  • English and even some few does not have subtitles but that they are bent to the English. This could be a point not so negative if you don’t have problems with the English language or even as a great way to practice it.
  • There are banners in the application, but at least there is no trade in the midst of the videos.
  • I found a way to make the episodes already seen, so you must take your own log of what you’ve already seen.

Download on Google Play

There are other Best App to Watch Anime in which you can see some anime series as part of the content that it offers both free and Premium users. This will depend on each application, but they are an ideal complement to have the best possible library

Netflix: popular payment platform to watch movies also boasts a modest catalogue of anime series to its users that despite not being as great as one would like, has all the advantages of a more stable platform for watching videos.

Netflix Best App to Watch Anime

Price: Free

Crackle: Another popular movies and TV shows for free and legal distribution platform, has a list of titles of anime also modest but interesting, available in some cases only with the Spanish or English dubbing.


Price: Free

Radio anime: A simple but useful application to listen the favorite themes of your anime series. If you are a fan of the Intros for your series, or J-pop in this app you’ll find a varied selection of stations online dedicated to transmit this type of music, and so amenices hang out with good music of anime series.
soundtracks and J-pop available at many stations


Simple and easy to use.
A modest but fairly complete list of stations.
Favorite stations can be marked


  • Being 100% style radio, not to choose the music to listen to.
  • Equal to the previous point, you can not pause the music and return to it from where left it it, but the station safe and when your summarize playback you’ll hear what this sounding at that moment always.
  • There are advertising banners, which is not really great thing considering that your going is listening to music.


Best App to Watch Anime on Android
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