Best Apps for learning Chinese on Smartphone or Tablet

Learning foreign languages is no longer an option to become an obligation: If we want to be as competitive as workers and increase our chances, the best thing we can do is to increase our knowledge of languages. And only with the English it is not enough, we need more if we want to stand out from the best prepared.Therefore, one of the best options is the Chinese, a language that is used a lot in the business future, and the possibilities offered by the Asian lands are huge. And what better than our Android as a travelling companion device, so here are a few apps that will help you in your learning.

Before anything, toca emphasize that our progress will be limited, we need much more to master a language. The following apps can help us enough, but if you want to learn it seriously, the best thing you can do is go to an Academy or the official school of languages and put in the hands of professionals.

Learn Chinese with these apps for Android

In addition, keep in mind that Chinese is a language which does not keep any relationship with none to which we can be most used as English or French, so try to open the mind before anything.


Skritter android

Skritter is an HTML5 app that focuses on helping us to learn how the characters are manually written Chinese (and Japanese) from scratch. It focuses on let us learn the signs including aspects such as the order of each line, it promises us that we will learn a new character every 54 seconds and we will remember 95% of those who learn. For the moment is in beta, so we will need to join your community and make us users beta to view it in Play Store (the link below will work you when you do these two steps).

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Requires Android 4.1 and higher

Download Skritter


Anki learn chinese

Anki, however, focuses on making us memorize knowledge easily thanks to vocab cards: cards simple and direct ir learning things slowly will show us. Anki is an app without a specific topic, but we have available a huge amount of decks predesigned to learn Chinese, so you can become our perfect ally.

Over AnkiDroid is open source and free, so we have no excuse to not try it with the cards. Download


Pleco learning chinese

If you are looking for an app that works as an all-in-one, then what you’re looking for is something like Pleco: combines Chinese dictionaries of all kinds, document reader, card vocabulary, Freehand writing, recordings of native speaking language and recognition of characters through the Chamber to become the most complete app.

It can become your best partner to learn, although beware, because it has quite integrated payments high if we neglect (because of the optional dictionaries, we have from Oxford to buy). Download Pleco

Hanping Chinese Dictionary

Hanping Chinese Dictionary

However, it is quite understandable you don’t want something excessive and that you seek a reliable dictionary without more pretensions: Hanping has you covered in that sense, providing a very good dictionary with offline access which has interesting functions like searches in real time, monitoring the Clipboard to have notifications with instantaneous translations, voice recognition…

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and if you want more features and frills you have the rest of apps uploaded to Google Play by the same developers. Download hanping for android

The famous Google Translator always comes in handy when we need to make us with the meaning of a word in any other language, although I do not I trust too if you translate whole paragraphs, you know such as automatic translators in that sense.

To read all the resources that you may have regarding this, always a reader app will be us good: Moon + Reader, the Amazon Kindle app itself or Adobe Reader if you use .pdf can become very good allies when we learn languages, either to access educational resources or to start reading in the language.

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