Best Apps to Chat and Communicate with Strangers

Whether it is to keep our privacy or the curiosity of striking up conversations with strangers, anonymous messaging applications are increasingly fashionable, and do not leave out new and interesting proposals for our phones.

Continues bringing us growing communicate with strangers through the smartphone fashion projects and apps each day more original.

TOP apps to talk to Strangers

we bring you some of these apps, some of them are well known and they are perfectly seated, but we have also used to propose a couple of them that are not so well known.

Spotbros (Android / iOS)


Spotbros is an app made in Spain and a pioneer in the concept of the ‘cloud messaging’. The idea is to combine instant messaging and storage in the cloud in the same app that also allows you to chat and share content with your friends and any other user of the app.

This Spotbros provides customers 1 Tera of free cloud storage that you store your music, photos and favorite movies and can then share them with other users, from any mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and with a simple message.

But the more interesting thing about the app is not this but their chat groups. Spots are called and are public communities that can access any person with an account on Spotbros to discuss various topics, from which you can also share files.

In addition, these chat rooms are geopositioning, i.e. take the location at the time of creation of a spot as a reference, so then anyone can find spots in its vicinity.

The idea is to help you get to know people with interests similar to yours and that should be established between users a kind of network of recommendations, either of the same books, movies, etc. each have stored in the cloud as services type restaurants, hotels, etc.

Download Spotbros Android /iOS


Secret talk with strangers

It is one of the apps that stronger is sticking in the world of anonymous apps. With it we will post confessions anonymously so they can read any of the contacts in your phonebook, but get to know at any moment who is who wrote it.

Once those friends like a confession and give it to the “Love” button, this secret become rumor and will begin to share among the network of contacts of that person. Rumors fly, and with this app we’ll realize how quickly that make it.

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Android version: 4.1 and higher
Download: Google Play
Price: free



It is Secret direct competition, but with the difference that it is not linked to the agenda of each. With Whisper we will be launching our whispers and these may be read according to its category and its geo-location, giving the user the chance to explore all the whispers that are published to your around.

Whenever published a whisper Whisper generates a few keywords related to what has been written and proposes a background image that you can change. Users who read us can mark our whispers as favourite and answer them, but always maintaining anonymity.

Android version: 2.3.3 and higher
Download: Google Play
Price: free



It is an app of the simplest which lets us chat with complete strangers on the basis of our Geolocation. Once opened the app will see past posts close to the place where we are, and will have the option to answer them or launch new messages.

There are no profiles or anything like that can give you clues about who is behind the words that are published, which makes that you not can ask more privacy to an extremely simple app.

Android version: 4.0 and higher versions
Download: Google Play
Price: free



It is an app of anonymous chat that also makes the times of Chatroulette. With Meow, you can talk with friends you already know or meet new ones. Its main attraction is its chat option random, which gets you directly in a group or a personal chat with people you do not know.

You also have the option of geotag contacts using a map in which you can take random jumps around the world, all to establish conversations with perfect known anywhere in the world.

Download: Google Play
Price: free

Chance (iOS)

The creators of, an app for instant messaging that tried to compete with large as WhatsApp or Line without much success, have decided to redirect its strategy towards the fashion of communication between strangers and it seems that, now, your project is on a roll.

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Your bet is a new service called Chance, also of instant messaging but this time so engage conversation with random strangers.

Its operation is extremely simple. And precisamnente there is the grace of the app. You only have to select the ‘Take a chance’ button and the app you will automatically contact another user connected at that time. Thus, randomly; regardless of affinity, proximity, or any other algorithm of any kind.

That if, as the thing carries its risk, you have of a ‘ button of escape ‘ in the upper right corner that lets you leave the conversation immediately and move on to a different chat with another unknown.

Download Chance for iOS

20 Day Stranger (iOS)

20 Day Stranger (iOS)

The 20 Day Stranger App is part of a project of the Media Lab of the Institute of technology of Massachusetts that wanted to take to end this trend of communicating with strangers via the mobile phone.

It’s something of a sociological experiment that involves contacting two unknown for a period of 20 days during which it will share all the details of your daily routine but may not interact.

The app collects all the information about the daily activity of the user directly smartphone sensors (location, time to get up, if you’re driving, etc.) and those are the data it shares with the unknown.

Only last 20 days that duration of the experiment is lets users share a single message.

The project is still in its beta phase, but it is possible to register to form part of the experience through the web of 20 Day Stranger

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