Best Apps to Download Music for iPhone and iPad

Apps to Download Music, An article devoted exclusively to discerning music lovers, those who prefer to take your music anywhere and listen to it from your device, to have to depend on the vicissitudes of the wireless connection. With these alternatives we offer for your consideration, you will have at your fingertips very useful tools that repletar your music library, and above all have high quality files, no matter if they come from Soundcloud or Google Drive, in fact, not even matter if they exist in other formats such as videos.

Apps to download music on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Any of the tools listed below, know to bring your need to have good music in all times and in all places.

Media Cloud Free

Media Cloud Free

A valuable Manager that will allow us to access our audio files in Dropbox, SoundCloud, Google Drive and many other online services.

Additionally it enables both listen to the songs how to download them in matters of minutes, and the music player that incorporates has seemed fabulous. For average Cloud Free, once installed, you will have to connect to the desired web site and begin downloading songs to your device, and all through a really awesome download speed.

Download Media Cloud Free

AwesomeMusic Player

AwesomeMusic Player

With a fantastic database and stocked with the best videos of the moment, Awesome Music Player is that app that we always need when we want to extract the audio from music videos and download them to our library on the iPhone.

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The powerful search engine that incorporates, facilitate the search greatly, as well as its support multitasking and a method of conversion which will be impressed by its speed and efficiency.

Download AwesomeMusic Player

beats Music

Beats download Music

With Beats Music, those who like to listen to songs in streaming mode and then download them to your device, can count on a powerful application and above all, very fast.

The best and most notorious Beats Music, is that it puts us in direct contact with more than 20 million songs, distributed among all known musical genres. So, if you consider yourself a fan of good music, Beats Music insurance is obligatory presence on your device.

Download Beats Music

Spotify Music

Spotify Music

This proposal represents a window of access to countless music files hosted on the popular platform. Available from the Apple apps store, Spotify Music aims to become your favorite Wizard with searching by artist or song, filtering recent files or perhaps, creating your own playlists. Special mention for the quality of sound (spectacular!), and a graphical interface refined and very pleasant.

Download Spotify Music

The Music+

The Music+ iphone

The Music+ brings us an ideal opportunity for those who like to buy their favorite music on a regular basis, because the application allows us to do it with one speed more than acceptable and without any kind of difficulty.

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At the same time, it is extremely easy to use and is optimized for the latest versions of iOS. As extra function, The Music + includes the ability to record music and play it, as well as full integration with our iTunes library.

Download The Music+

VDownload Lite

VDownload Lite

Despite being VDownload Lite app to download video, have taken it into account because it works in a similar way to the music files. Its simplicity is part of his letter, besides having a stylish graphic interface and a good quality music player, as well as a full support for numerous resources, such as: multiple web sites to download audio files, support for various formats, etc.

Download VDownload Lite

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