We have found Best Apps to for and iPhone without jailbreak. you can it here: Wifiaudit for iPhone. Download here

Both on Iphone, and Ipod apps of this type last little in the Apple Store, so if you want an to hack on Iphone in your system operating iOS and not want to jailbreak it, take advantage to download it before they removed it from the Apple Store.

Some of the Best Apps to Hack WiFi that have been testing:

Router Keygen – Best Apps to Hack WiFi

Router Keygen Best Apps to Hack WiFi

With Router Keygen first thing you can do is to scan wifi networks that are around. With this Best Apps to Hack WiFi you will be able to decipher passwords wifi with WEP and WPA encryption. The evidence that I’ve been able to do, Router Keygen is able tell you a network wifi password if the SSID and password that has the router by default has not been modified and only with some models of Router.

This App is one of the most known Best Apps to Hack WiFi, it is highly recommended to always be installed especially if you are in the center of large cities, you’ll find enough possibilities to find a WiFi connection that is in the database of Router Keygen.

Download Router Keygen

WLAN Audit

WLAN Audit Best Apps to Hack WiFi

This App is different from Router Keygen. WLAN Audit lets you know the Mac of the Router and the security of the same type. It also shows us the same signal. With this app you can not do much.

The only thing that is useful for this app is to check the coverage of your own home, check every corner and be able to take the decision to acquire an access point to strengthen the signal for example in the garage or the attic.

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Download Wlan Audit



This app manages to hack the JAZZTEL_XXXX type wifi networks and WLAN_XXXX among others, if you want more information about this app comes into the review. It is capable of giving you the wifi password instantly, if this SSID in your database and not the pass has been changed by default which brings the router. Check out a look at the video to see how it works.


At least in Spain, this type of network is very common, I’ve been able to test the app in 30 different times on 30 different networks, and I have to say that 30% of the times has provided me a wrong password, so I do not think the app more advisable.

Download WifiPass


Pulwifi Best Apps to Hack WiFi

This is one of the Best Apps to Hack WiFi which more passwords is able to decipher.

As WifiPass decode the type JAZZTEL_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX networks and also types WLANXXXXXX, YACOMXXXXXX, WIFIXXXXXX, joined some types that use D-Link routers by default and also some of the models of Huawei.

It is another of the apps “Must to Have” that must be installed if you are looking for is connected to a wireless network without knowing the password.

Download pulwifi



It is one of the latest Best Apps to Hack WiFi which has appeared in the market, has a very simple interface, I could test it on several occasions and I have never managed to decode a wifi password, so I recommend not downloading. I think that with the previous list of hack wifi apps is quite feasible to find a network which we can discover your password.

Download WifiManager

WPA Tester

WPA Tester

This app works in a similar way to the rest and can decrypt keys by default any more commercial market even Ono routers routers, or at least this is what they say its creators, although I do not it has worked with no Ono network.

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Download WPA Tester

Wireless Cracker

This app is another thing to have. What I recommend is on your Android device you believe you a folder called WIFi for example and there you save all apps and valláis testing one by one until you manage to crack the wifi, very bad luck must have to not get to decipher the wifi from a single network with a decent signal.

Wireless Cracker allows you to decrypt the key to many types of networks: Bbox-XXXXXX, DMAXYYYYYY, Discus-XXXXXX, INFINITUMXXXXXX, SpeedTouchXXXXXX, ThomsonXXXXXX and Orange-XXXXXX.

Download Wireless Cracker

Routerpwn modules

This is one of the Best Apps to Hack WiFi which you can find in the market, that really not be very well how it works (I have not found much information on the subject) but that one of the times I tried it was able to correctly tell me the key of a wifi when I was sitting in a coffee shop in Santiago de Chile.

Download routerpwn modules


This is one of the apps that more fame has and a priori is one that works best. I’ve seen it in several forums, although today even I could not test it.

Download PenetratePro


Best Apps to Hack WiFi for Android and iPhone
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