Best Battery Saver App for Android 2016

Best Battery Saver App for Android may be needed most smartphone users who have smartphones with the battery consumption is wasteful because running lots of apps at once.
Smartphone with the Android operating system known as the platform that a lot with the app as well as advanced features in it, it will usually affect the battery performance, therefore Android smartphone often has extravagant battery. This became a problem for the users of this operating system from Google. As a workaround you can install battery saver Android app on your smartphone.

It’s no wonder if the Android users would recharge the battery for up to 2-3 times a day, if continuously used smartphones. The use of Power Bank became one of the alternatives for the user when being outdoors. Does look troublesome and annoying if the battery runs out.

To overcome this Android app developers trying to get a solution that is by making the app on android that aims to conserve battery power on your Android smartphone. To let you know, below the battery saver app on Android that you can get for free on Google PlayStore.

Best Battery Saver App for Android Free

DU Battery Saver & Widgets – Best Battery Saver App for Android

This app was released in the free version and paid for the PRO version is priced at $ 2.99 USD, but we have to prove ourselves to the free version of DU Battery Saver app is already good enough to save the battery. it works better than most of the app’s built-in battery saver on Your Android smartphone.

App with a high rating on Google PlayStore has a range of important features. DU Battery Saver and Widgets is one of the best battery saver app for Android. Users can choose “Optimize”, DU Battery Saver will soon respond to detect and deal with problems that make batteries wasteful.

With one-touch control mode as well as pre-set, user can directly improve the performance of handsets, extended battery life and eliminate all problems that cause slow. DU Battery Saver also supports reloading and there is an accurate load status about the condition of hardware, app and your Android’s battery.

Download DU Battery Saver & Widgets on Google Play

Easy Battery Saver – Best Battery Saver App for Android

Another option the battery saver app is Easy Battery Saver. It works almost the same as Du Battery Saver, but that is typical of this app is the app is very user friendly or easy to use by giving you a “quick status” on the main page about the current power state of your battery. A headline that you will get from this app is an estimation of how much longer the battery can support Your smartphone device.

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There are five modes of the savings on offer to you. Fifth you can choose according to your needs and not have to worry there are tutorials that help you. This app will also work when you sleep with saves battery life. Easy Battery delivers simplicity, ease and power in battery savings.

Download Easy Battery Saver on google play

Battery Widget Reborn – Best Battery Saver App for Android

Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is one of the best battery saver apps on Google Play in regards to conserve battery power. As an app Battery Widget Reborn well designed primarily because it has a lot of features, the notification icon, and some widget are really useful, for example, when the evening this app can automatically convert your Smartphone into Airplane mode Mode to further save battery life. There are also Dashclock Extension that lets you enable Your camera flash light for use as a flashlight.

Download Battery Widget Reborn on google play

JuiceDefender – battery saver

JuiceDefender-battery saver app has a lot of configuration and has an easy to use interface to use to save battery power on your Android. This app will govern CPU Android smartphone with a specific performance scale so that at the moment the smartphone is not in use (standby/idle) then the processor will not consume a lot of power from your battery. Install this app and enjoy the use of a longer battery life for Your Android smartphone.

Download JuiceDefender-battery saver on google play

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor
Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor will work fine in your battery power saving. This app is not only designed to accelerate your device, but it also features a built-in task killer to automatically stop the app that takes up space or consume power in the background. Battery Doctor not only gives a report about how the amount of power remaining, however accurately this Android app also displays how much battery power is remaining after turning off the various features on your smartphone, such as Bluetooth, GPS, WI-Fi, and more.

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Battery Doctor in claims may increase the duration of your batteries last up to 50%. This app works by stopping the app that is spent battery in your gadget.

Download Battery Doctor on Google Play

GO Battery Saver – Best Battery Saver App for Android

GO Battery Saver app
GO Battery Saver app

GO Battery Saver Power Widget has various & features such as saving, smart power saving toggle control, power, testing, etc. With an attractive design this app can help you to save battery life, so don’t run out when in need.

Go Battery Saver can estimate the time remaining on the battery and let you know how much power you can save when you turn off the Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. There is also charging Maintenance aims to refilling process to make it more secure.

Downloads GO Battery Saver on Google Play

Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Deep Sleep Battery Saver
Deep Sleep Battery Saver app

Deep Sleep Battery Saver app is also present in Android with the free version. This app will make the device is in deepsleep mode when the screen of your smartphone off. During this mode, 3 g network, WiFi as well as background will stop, so the app like Facebook, Google’s Service will also disable.

When the deep sleep mode is completed, then all will be back to normal. The existence of the device you will be more efficient and can last longer. This Deep Sleep app can in turn, into five profiles that is Gentle, Strong, Aggressive, Balance and Slumberer.

Download Deep Sleep Battery Saver on Google Play

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