Best Call Blocker for Android 2016

Best Call Blocker for Android. Are you plagued with a variety of phone calls and SMS. Surely you’re thinking of how to reject/block calls/SMS is automatically right? Possibly the call from ex-spouse or ex-girlfriend.

What is the Best Call Blocker for Android free?

The first type of calls need Caller ID and for the last type of callers you can use Call Blocker to keep and reject calls to certain numbers. Below is a list of some best call blocker for android, we find to perform the functions accept and reject a call:

1. Caller ID & Block Calls, Text

Perhaps this is the most sophisticated call blocker app on Android at the moment. Not only is blocking SMS and phone call from the number you enter alone, this app will also automatically block messages and phone calls from hundreds of millions of successful spam numbers collected in their database.

Using this app you can easily free of telemarketing, spammers, or anyone on a whim that keep sending SMS.

Features Caller ID & Block Calls, Text

  • Block sms, phone, and email sent from the number that you want
  • Block sms, phone, and email automatically based on 500 + million number of
  • spammers that are detected in their database
  • Can be set to block sms/call from private number (hidden number)
  • There is an option to enter a password if you want sms/call blocking
  • Database number of spam that keeps updated

Download Caller ID & Block Calls, Text on Google Play

2. Block SMS and Call

Block SMS and Call
Block SMS and Call

Block SMS and Call app only became a place for you to set each option and enter the number that you want to block.

You can enter a number to the blacklist list with ease directly through Contact List or Call Log.

Block SMS and Call feature

  • Enter a list of blacklists can be directly from the Contact List or Call Log
  • Block sms or a phone call from a number that we want
  • Automatic blocking SMS or phone call from private/unknown number
  • Includes history and sms blocked call blocked history to see who the phone and sms I have successfully blocked
  • Block sms or a phone call from a number that totaled less than x characters (you can specify the x from the option setting)
  • Block sms based on content or words.

Download Block SMS and Call on Google Play

3. Truecaller – Best Call Blocker for Android

This app has more than 40 million downloads and has 400,000 review. Truecaller will deal with two functions – Caller ID and Call Blocking by giving you access to the call list. Truecaller is free and has no advertising.

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Download Truecaller on Google Play | review

4. LINE Whoscall – Best Call Blocker for Android

LINE Whoscall has over 5 million downloads and “one of the best Apps 2013” on Google Play in eight different countries. You can identify the source of the calls and text messages even if they do not exist in your current list of contacts. They claim “more than 20 million calls are filtered and about 50,000 calls dangerous blocked by users every day.”

Download LINE Whoscall on Google Play

5. Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist
Calls Blacklist

This app will not only block unwanted calls or SMS and also enables you to create a Blacklist. This app doesn’t use much resources and it does not drain your battery. This app is not to display the Caller ID but the only real spam filters to store a phone number or a particular SMS messages. You can also block your private number.

Download Calls Blacklist on Google Play

6. CIA

CIA call blocker
CIA call blocker

When there is an incoming call from someone who had never called before, imagine if you could see the name, address and other details that show on your screen immediately when the phone still rings – allows you to properly prepare for the call or decided to reject the call. The Caller Identification App (CIA) allows you to do that and much more like collecting social network profile callers ‘ from Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also block your number by setting them as the number of spam to get rid of those annoying telemarketing calls.

Download CIA on Google Play

7. Mr. Number

Mr. Number
Mr. Number

Mr. Number claims to be the most powerful call blocker and text blockers on the market today. You can block calls and texts from one person, area code or the entire world. You can stop/block the bill collectors and telemarketers before they are wasting your time. Mr. Number will automatically be blocked text and numbers of unknown or private number and can even report spam calls, SMS or MMS to warn others.

Download Mr. Number on Google Play

8. CallApp

CallApp call blocker
CallApp call blocker

CallApp is a Caller ID and Number Blocker and is one of the most comprehensive app that can identify more than one billion callers are not known and can renew contact with pictures and social information from Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare and other social networks and web resources. CallApp has won several awards, it supports more than 200 countries, with more than 60 integrated information source.

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Download CallApp on Google Play

9. Current


identify unknown callers and SMS, add weather and social contacts to update known as well as allow you to block unwanted callers or SMS. Current win as one of the “50 Best Android Apps 2012” by Time magazine, 2013.

Download Current on Google Play

10. Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control – Call Blocker
Call Control – Call Blocker

Call Control – Call Blocker is complete with nice features, easy to use and yet very easy which allows you to block all unwanted calls and text messages. So you can control exactly who can call your phone. Call Control – Call Blocker is completely different from another call blocking app because it offers so many features that are unique and useful such blacklists to automatically block thousands of phone number that the caller was reported as spam.

Download Call Control – Call Blocker on the Google Play

11. NQ Call Blocker

NQ Call Blocker
NQ Call Blocker

Blocking calls and text messages with unwanted NQ Call Blocker to protect your privacy. This app has a call Manager includes a black list, cross-platform backup plan for contacts if you lose data contact.

Download NQ Call Blocker on Google Play

12. Call Blocker X – location-based Call Blocker

Call Blocker X
Call Blocker X

Call Blocker app call X is an Android to block that allows the user to block unwanted calls and text messages based on specific locations or desired by the user app. To use location-based blocking call service then you will need an internet connection and a Google Map feature.

Download Call Blocker on Google Play

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