Best Call Recorder for Android Devices

You can record telephone calls either for business or personal purposes. It is very easy to record calls on Android. All you need to do is just install Best Call Recorder for Android, and whenever you make or receive a call, the application automatically record your conversations and save them to your phone.
In this article, I’ve put together a list of best call recorder for android that you can use to record phone calls on your Android smartphone.
Note: You must only have a best call recorder for android activated on the phone if it will not work correctly.

We have listed some of the best call recorder for android devices in different categories you can choose according to your requirements.

Best Call Recorder for Android smartphone and tablet

1. Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder – ACR
One of the most downloaded call recorders in Android, this application is compatible with almost all versions of Android. This application of call recorder comes with features such as call manual or automatic recording, recordings password protection, auto delete old recordings, important recordings of the brand so not be auto removes and many more.

You can save your recordings in formats like 3gp, MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.

Developer: NLL

Download Call Recorder – ACR

2. Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder
A useful application for users with Samsung phones. The Galaxy recorder helps to save conversations in 2. Because this application uses the standard Android APIs, two-way recording will work on some devices such as Note Samsung Galaxy 3 S5/4/3/2/2. For other devices, the application uses the microphone to capture sound, which means that you must turn on speaker during conversation to record the voice of both sides.

Developer: Developer Indie

Download Galaxy Call Recorder

3. call Recorder

call Recorder
The application allows you to record all calls in a way very easy way as well as manage your call log. After installing the application, it automatically starts recording as soon as you make or receive a call. The best part about this application is the ability to organize their call logs.

Developer: lovekara

Download call Recorder

4. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder
Record My Call is a simple and free call without many bells and whistles recording application, but the recordings are. This is a simple call and free registration app no emotion or ornaments. The application is compatible with all phones HTC Desire, Sensation XE, Samsung Galaxy S6 and others. The new interface is only available for ICS and above.

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Recording of the call is not automatic and you have to activate the application.

Developer: Nathaniel Kh

Download RMC: Android Call Recorder

5. easy recorder

easy recorder
The next time that you need to check your personal notes, meetings, classes, and any other detail, this is the application for you. On the other hand, easy voice recorder lives up to its name and allows you to share and manage their recordings the easy way, as well as backup on your laptop or PC. The application allows you to record in the background, and easily manage the recorder’s call through a widget home screen.

His recordings of the call will be recorded in high quality PMC and AAC formats.

Developer: Digipom

Download easy recorder

6. Smart Auto Call Recorder


intelligent Auto Call Recorder, which is free, is a minimalist design, fresh breath Sage and offers delights as different audio sources (in this case the default doesn’t work with your device), various encodings of audio, file synchronization and auto-delete rule set.

download Smart Auto Call Recorder

Paid Call Recorder Android Apps

7. call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro
Call Recorder warns you that not all phones with the prerequisites for recording, still called Guide through a few tips on how to troubleshoot the and offers a variety of options to try. You can block certain conversations to avoid auto-borrar, automate the recording function. The Pro version allows you to share set of recording, and even audio quality settings. The application is compatible with Nexus 5, series HTC One, Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5.

Download call Recorder Pro

8. easy Voice Recorder Pro

easy Voice Recorder Pro
The Pro version has some additional features, including the ability to increase the gain of the microphone of the device, resume recordings previously detained and exclude the recordings contained in the automatic “scanning media” Android uses to search for music. Voice easy to switch between modes with your widget’s manual recording and automatic stop.

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The application Pro ratings are proof of its usefulness and effectiveness. Developer: Digipom

Download easy Voice Recorder Pro

9. call Recorder Pro

Call Recorder Pro
Simple and intuitive application with many features that actually work. Recording quality can vary by devices since they govern the laws of the country. The application allows you to activate or deactivate the automatic recording of calls. The pro version gibes the ability to register manually (pressing the button as he speaks), possibility to add notes to records, send logs by email, automatically delete old records, add photos of contacts and many more features. images (11) Developer:

Download call Recorder Pro.

10. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Auto Call Recorder allows you to record all calls automatically, or choose to record only non of the numbers in your contacts list. Then you can save or delete records of call according to your desire. You can also share the recordings and there is a recent integration of Dropbox always thus. The app is good for your cost since it has many features such as storage in automatic contact cloud selected and different working modes.

Developer: Appliqato (Appstar solutions)

Download Automatic Call Recorder Pro

11. all Call Recorder Deluxe

All Call Recorder
Solution of simple and efficient calls to your Android phone recorder. All Call Recorder incoming and outgoing call records on your Android phone. Save conversations in 3gp files. You can send recorded calls via e-mail, Skype, any cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, YouTube), Facebook, Bluetooth etc.

The recordings can be automaic or you can choose calls wishing (32) Developer: Android Labs

Download all Call Recorder Deluxe

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