Best File Manager for Android 2015

Android allows any users are free to access the file system on the device. In order to manage files and data on our Android gadgets, sometimes not enough with the default Android file manager app. many file manager app available from a third party that offers the features and ease of use.

With file manager we can spruce up, rename, send, copy, delete files quickly and easily. For those of you who are looking for an alternative file manager app for Your Android, here are best Android file manager app.

Best file manager for android free

ES File Manager (Free)

ES File Manager is one of the most popular file manager app available for Android users. This app provides several features for file management. This app has a Windows explorer to perform the copy, paste, delete and move data. In addition to this app connected with storage cloud for service Dropbox and Google Drive.

Download ES File Manager on Google Play

Astro Cloud & File Manager (Free)

one of the best app for the Android data in storage. ASTRO app features storage and cloud storage, meaning that you can store in memory or external storage in the cloud. It lets you see the whole app in a full screen. For other functions or find other files you can just move it to the left.

Download Astro Cloud & File Manager on Google Play

Solid Explorer (Free Trial, $ 1.99 unlock)


Solid Explorer file manager
Solid Explorer file manager

Solid Explorer is one of the best apps available for free during the trial, but to get more features You must pay $ 1.99. The look of the Solid Explorer interface is very attractive and intuitive, so you can easily access many of the local file to RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, and the files on FTP, SFTP, SMB/CIFS and the Client. One of the most impressive an advantage is its ability to be integrated directly with a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and SkyDrive and capable of fulfilling the files that are in a remote location though.

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Download Solid Explorer on Google Play

AntTek Explorer Ex (Free)


AntTek Explorer Ex
AntTek Explorer Ex

The file manager has a full-featured interface that implements two panels to drag and drop, and then have easy control with some modern features. In addition to the basic file store, AntTek supports the streaming file storage can be fetched from remote servers using Samba and FTP. As for cloud storage can use Google Drive, Skyderive, Drobox, and Yandex.

Download AntTek Explorer Ex on Google Play

Root Explorer ($ 3.99)


Root Explorer
Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a file manager for Android users in the root. This app among better known as the abbreviation “ROOTEX”. ROOTEX this function can access the entire Android file system (including the elusive data folder). Features include multiple tabs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and network (SMB) support, SQLite Database Viewer, a Text Editor, create, and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract rar archives, multi-choice, execute scripts, search, bookmark, licensing, remount, and send a file (via email, Bluetooth and others).

Download Root Explorer on Google Play

Total Commander


Total Commander
Total Commander

The File Manager is most popular on Google Play Store almost perfect rating: 4.9. Enough to make you believe that this is the best File Manager now. Unfortunately, Total Commander has a design that is not too friendly. However, Total Commander brings zip and password protection for files and folders with the best encryption AES encryption.

Download Total Commander on Google play


X-plore is present with a different but very useful format, i.e. two columns, almost similar to Windows Explorer. With two columns, the process of copying the data, move data, deleting data, and others are noticeably easier. And just like in Windows Explorer, X-plore also displays folder-folder in the tree view of folders so that everything is easily processed.

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Download X-plore on Google Play

File Wrangler


File Wrangler
File Wrangler

With a simple design and dual panel interface makes it easier to do the copy paste. To search for files in a folder, you can use the search icon. Features quick draw will get you the bookmark folder that is accessed.

Download File Wrangler on Google Play

Google QuickOffice

Quick office is actually used to support management at Google drives. As well as its functions are similar to Google Drive. If at the click of the internal storage will also lead to the file system, even the QuickOffice also handle zip operations.

Download Google QuickOffice on Google Play


AirDroid including the File Manager inside can you pencil through the Tools menu > Files. The advantage of AirDroid is that you can do a remote directory into your smartphone using wifi through AirDroid.

Download AirDroid on Google Play

File Expert


File Expert
File Expert

This app in addition to the standard features of a file manager also offers Android gadget to computer connection using FTP transfer via WI-Fi. With this feature you can see the files on your computer via Android and vice versa. This app comes in two versions, free and paid.

Download File Expert on Google Play

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