Best iPhone Games 2014

What the best iPhone games 2014? There are about 100,000 more games in the App Store in total and although iOS gaming is one of the best gaming platform ever, but it should be recognized that not all games available on the App Store is a good game. We’ve spent hundreds of hours to explore and try out games in the App Store so you do not have to spend time trying to game the less good and more so you can play the best games, and quality.

Below you can find the list of best iPhone games.

Best Racing Game: Real Racing 3

real racing 3 best iphone games
Real racing 3 best iphone games

Real Racing 3 is a racing game on iOS with breakthrough amazing images, in addition to the picture Real Racing 3 also features multiplayer over WI-Fi or the Internet, and also supports Air Play up to 4 devices in one screen. Real Racing 3 becomes a new standard in the world of iOS gaming where the graphics and features an iOS game can already be coupled with game consoles such as Playstation or Xbox. Real Racing 3 is a must-have game for iOS gamers.

App Store Link: Real Racing 3

Best fighting Game: Street Fighter IV Volt

STREET FIGHTER IV Volt best iphone games
STREET FIGHTER IV Volt best iphone games

Street Fighter IV VoltStreet Fighter IV Volt easily be the best fighting game for the iPhone because of its truly complete as well as you meet at the level of PC and Console as a perfect control and very, very responsive and detailed graphics and colorful though it may appear a little serrated (Anti Aliasing its not high to keep the game remains responsive) not to mention the multiplayer features and avatars that can be easily accessed to test your skills against other players around the world.


Best Puzzle Game: Where’s My Water 2

Where's My Water best iphone games
Where’s My Water best iphone games

Where’s My Water is a fresh puzzle game and each level is made by smart so that anyone can play it. Where’s My Water has the appeal of a simple picture, cute characters and cartoonists. But more than that Where’s My Water is a puzzle game that has a collection of well-designed levels, which means that the puzzle is not too hard and not too easy. Players will try several times before it can find the right way but it is not too difficult to be frustrating. Where’s My Water is the best puzzle that you can get for the iPhone and iPad.

App Store Link: Where’s My Water? 2

Best FPS Game: Modern Combat 5 Blackout

modern combat 5 blackout best iphone games
modern combat 5 blackout best iphone games

Modern Combat is the best FPS game series ever on any mobile platform and final series that Modern Combat 5 Blackout is the best and most complete series so far. Improved graphics are felt especially in terms of detail and spacious environment. Core gameplay is also experiencing a lot of improvement with the addition of a robot that can be controlled and interaction with the environment better as shelter behind a wall or jump over an obstacle. But the star of this game is the multiplayer that is designed like a game console complete with leveling and skill system.

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App Store Link: Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Best Action Games: Infinity Blade 3

infinity blade 3 best iphone games
infinity blade 3 best iphone games

Infinity Blade 3 is a great herb for a best action game, 3D images are unusually good, solid gameplay, the controls are responsive, interesting story and a reasonable price. The first Infinity Blade has been brought and shape the direction of the mobile gaming industry, and are conducted Infinity Blade 3 is to bring the standards even higher. Infinity Blade 3 as Mario Bros. for Nintendo, you must have this spectacular game.

App Store Link: Infinity Blade III

Best Platformer Game: LostWinds 2

Lost Winds 3 best iphone games
Lost Winds 3 best iphone games

LostWinds 2 have all required a platform game to be a very fun game. Starting from the excellent graphic quality with lifelike detail environment, obstacles unique and challenging and a storyline that is able to make the players curious. LostWinds 2 also utilizes touch screen systems with a maximum so there is not much you can swipe keys but and pinch to resolve obstacles.

App Store Link: LostWinds 2

Best Tower Defense Games: Sentinel 4 Dark Star

sentinel 4 dark star iphone
sentinel 4 dark star iphone

Sentinel 4 Dark Star Tower Defense game is not innovative or filled with features and upgrades that very much, everything is pretty standard but Sentinel 4 Dark Star did it perfectly. Solid gameplay into the main capital of this game and anyone, including new or veteran players can play this game TD as provided varying degrees of difficulty. Powered by graphics and background music are fishing adrenaline, Sentinel 4 Dark Star is a game that can make you hold your breath when your last tower-tower was holding a vicious boss tried to break into.

App Store Link: Sentinel 4 Dark Star

Best Simulation Game: Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story 2 iphone
Game Dev Story 2 iphone

Game Dev Story is the best choice of simulation games because this game is very fun to play, maybe one of them is because the theme of the game is set in a game development company, where you will be responsible for arranging the company to become a successful gaming company. In Game Dev Story you will get a perfect proportion to dose simulation where you do not have to do excessive micro-management, but at the same time you still can try a variety of combinations to get a game that is sold in the market. Game Dev Story also has a lot of secret combinations that encourage you to try and explore it in depth game. And one of the entertaining of this game is a play on the names used in the gaming world.

App Store Link: Game Dev Story

Best RPG Game: Zenonia 5

zenonia 5 best iphone games
zenonia 5 best iphone games

Zenonia 5 is the best choice RPG games because all the elements required by the RPG on iOS there in this game. Starting from a good storyline, the gameplay is fun, challenging enemies, until the player the freedom to develop a character like an MMORPG in the PC. The game is also equipped with PvP and secret dungeon complete with super strong equip rewards that can make the RPG fans do not stop to continue to play this game. The file size of the game is also very small, so there is no excuse for you to not put Zenonia 5 in your iOS device.

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App Store Link: Zenonia 5, Free

Best Sports Game: FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

fifa 15 best iphone games
fifa 15 best iphone games

FIFA 14 is the best sports game of choice for the moment. Almost all the features and game modes in the console is in this game making it the perfect complement games. Indeed, the graphics cannot be juxtaposed with the console, but the controls are very good with variation between swipe and tap, as well as its solid gameplay and rich features make you forget that you’re playing on an iPhone or iPad. FIFA 15 also can be played by using the iPhone / iPod as the controller and the iPad as a screen, a very cool feature. Prepare a space just large enough and you will be late in the game pretty tiki taka style of Barcelona or other clubs before you realize it.

App Store Link: FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Best Endless Auto Runner Game: JetPack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride best iphone games
Jetpack Joyride best iphone games

Endless Auto Runner first generation only amounted to a few titles, but now with so many similar games Endless Auto Runner has become a genre of its own. And JetPack Joyride is the best game in this category. The controls are very simple with one tap only then will light jet engines and bring Barry fly. Its mission is simple: to fly as far as possible to avoid obstacles while collecting coins to buy new perks such as jet or item. Picture funny and catchy music that make playing at home after a long time. everything fit, simple and neat both in terms of gameplay, sound and graphics. This game was originally paid $ 0.99 but is now available for free forever, download it now and you will understand why Jetpack Joyride is a best Endless Auto Runner game .

App Store Link: Jetpack Joyride, Free

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