Best iPhone Keyboard 2015

The default built-in keyboard that comes with the iPhone is not necessarily convenient to all wishes. Thanks to a third-party Keyboard app compatible with iOS 8 a wide range of new possibilities has been opened for smartphone users.
One of the features that become attention, there is a new capability that Apple gives odds on the user to use the keyboard from a third party instead of the default Apple keyboard. In addition, Apple also added new features such as swipe gestures on the keyboard, which would be very functional once in the future.

Here are some of those we have tried, tested and re-examined to help you choose the ones that suit your tastes and preferences.

Best Keyboard App for iPhone

1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey iphone apps
SwiftKey iphone apps

SwiftKey has managed to rise to the top ranks of Keyboard iApps trends within a short time after the introduction of the 8 iOS. This app replaces the standard keyboard with a proprietary keyboard typing pattern memorized and adjusting to predict common words used by the user. This app has an accurate prediction and help in reducing the keystrokes or manual typing messages, e-mails or other texts. For those of you who are already familiar with TEXTING and typing in their native language, this app provides great help from the standard iPhone keyboard insist rigidly and designed. Furthermore, users can also add the words used by them to improve/refine the auto-correct.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, the sleek design that gives an elegant appearance, is very user-friendly with minimalist controls, adjust to the user’s typing pattern
  • Predicts the most commonly used words to make typing easier and fun
  • Available in different languages such as English United Kingdom (UK, US, AUS, CA), France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Price: Free
Download SwiftKey

2. Swype

Swype app
Swype app

Keyboard-based motion prediction is touted as the most accurate iPhone keyboard available. The user can type or swipe their words as input faster and more easily than in other third party Keyboard app which is available from iTunes now. Swype refers to an attitude shift the finger on a keyboard that is not only fun, but also much more accurate than typing manual. “Swyping” reduces the number of keystrokes that further enhance the battery life and durability of the touch screen. It also has various themes that occupy the background to enhance the visual appeal of the phone. Next, send text and e-mail messages become more fun with backgrounds customized.

Main features:

  • Brilliant, intuitive Keyboard ever prediction wrong words
  • Easy input of supplementary characters, punctuation, numbers, upper-case letters through movement Swype
  • Adaptive programming the memorizing type patterns and habits of the user.

Price: $ 0.99
Download Swype

3. Minuum

Minuum keyboard
Minuum keyboard

Minuum is unique when compared to all other third party apps iOS 8 keyboard which is available from iTunes now. This brilliant app offers the option to the user to adjust the size of the keyboard to a minimum. The best thing for those with small screens that would like to read the previous message when typing a new message. This app helps reduce the size of the keyboard for a quarter of a standard keyboard which increases the screen overlay is very. It is designed and sold by Minuum and currently available at half price as a limited period offer.

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main features:

  • Extended screen space
  • Allows a fast paced typing with appropriate key size
  • An accurate word prediction
  • Control to enable and disable third-party dictionaries,
  • Quick shortcuts for the control.

Price: $ 3.99 (limited period offer: $ 1.99)
Download Minuum

4. Fleksy

Fleksy keyboard app
Fleksy keyboard app

Fleksy offers unparalleled speed in typing a quick text or e-mail in a hurry. This app allows the user to customize the visual appearance and the color theme of the keyboard makes it even more interesting and exciting for people who couldn’t resist a moment without their smartphone. Fleksy has won a reputation for being much more precise and in predictions from standard iOS 8 third-party Keyboard app which is available from iTunes user-friendly now.

Main features:

  • Claimed as the fastest keyboard available today
  • Easy flow of words and a natural typing with speed boost
  • Adjustable keyboard size which makes SMS even more convenient.

Price: $ 0.99
Download Fleksy

5. TouchPal

TouchPal keyboard
TouchPal keyboard

Designed, marketed and sold by the company under the same name, TouchPal ranks as the first keyboard in iOS 8 Platform for features gesture control and input swipe said. This keyboard has a variety of interesting emoticons, theme, customized keyboard, typing faster and interface that is compatible with most of the iOS devices. This app also won the GSMA Mobile Innovation Global Award and also found himself among the finalists for the award of various technologies and is also offered as a keyboard is loaded with a variety of cell phone companies like Nokia, Sony, HTC, Huawei, etc.

Main features:

  • swipe gesture input
  • Improved word prediction
  • Many personal theme
  • More than 800 Emojis than adding fun to YOUR SMS

Price: Free
Download TouchPal

6. TextExpander

TextExpander app
TextExpander app

TextExpander is a cross-functional keyboard for all iOS devices that offers 8 increased typing speed and accurate prediction of words that are commonly used. This app has some interesting features that use the SMS everyday like auto insertion current, expanding abbreviations in long texts, applying the e-mail signature, etc.

main features:

  • Custom shortcuts often use words
  • Expand the abbreviation or the full length in the text greetings
  • Auto correct typographical errors
  • Access to some of the pieces simultaneously group
  • Dropbox synchronization bits with the Mac

Price: $ 4.99
Download TextExpander

7. PopKey

PopKey iphone
PopKey iphone

In addition to special keyboard app emoji app, there is also a keyboard that can make it easy for you to enter your text message into a GIF. This app is named PopKey. With this app you will be able to select categories of emotions and expressions. The trick is quite easy, you can simply browse and specify a GIF, then this app will automatically copy the link and after you come back to the conversation, you can just paste into the box found.

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PopKey lets you add lols is interesting to your conversation. There are a lot of lols to allow expressing what you feel in the text. You can chat in the GIF FORMAT was designed, fun and timeless reference mems in animated form.

Main features

  • Add lols is funny for conversation
  • Thousands of GIF animations
  • This app claims to be the first animated GIF Keyboard in the world

Price: Free
Download PopKey

8. Gmoji

Gmoji Keyboard app is an absolute pleasure to use. It is capable of changing the iMessage and the text into the message text that is very interesting. This allows you to send and receive messages and funny text animation. You can create a text video is funny and personal video message to post to Facebook.

You can find tons of great video and give Your personal touch. Gmoji will let you experiment with video and text exactly as you want.

Main features:

  • Tons of videos to search
  • Animation and text messages
  • Personalized video

Price: Free
Download Gmoji

9. Gifmoji

Gifmoji keyboard apps
Gifmoji keyboard apps

Gifmoji keyboard offers an attractive animated GIFs. There are no banner ads, in-app purchase, no watermark and no requirements for registration account. It includes many large text based emojis which you can send to your friends.

The beautiful animation and emojis smart GIF collection will win you over.

Main features

  • Interesting GIF animations
  • There are no banner ads or in-app purchases
  • Many text-based emojis

Price: Free
Download Gifmoji

10. Keymoji

If you try a unique keyboard app, keyboard app Keymoji then maybe you can make it as an option. Using this app you can translate any text that you have typed into universal symbols. Although this is not keyboard app that offers an efficient way of communication but with Keymoji you can create a text message that is unique, interesting and different from each other.

11. Custom Keyboard for iOS 8

Custom Keyboard for iOS 8
Custom Keyboard for iOS 8

user can choose the shape of the keyboard keys such as shape, rectangular, rounded, and so on. Users can also customize the background color of the background or the keyboard to change the font color and the button of this keyboard. And the most fun again is, the user can select different beats sound on the keyboard.

12. Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard iphone

Keyboard with this minimalist-modern design will be coming soon on iOS. Not just a pretty design, Ginger Keyboard even comes with exciting features like a grammar checker, rephraser, sentence translation, dictionary, text reader, and personal trainer.

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