Best Navigation App for iPhone 2015

GPS technology in your smartphone more useful by many navigation app for iphone with a variety of functions, ranging from navigation to navigation for urban areas, hiking/trekking, and navigation for pedestrians and cyclists.

Best navigation app for iphone Free

Global Positioning System or GPS is a navigation system that relies on satellites to determine the location of a device on Earth. GPS technology is starting to put into mobile phones in 2004, beginning with the GPS testing by Qualcomm.

We will discuss about the five best free navigation app for iPhone. The fifth app was chosen because it has the most reach/coverage is good compared to other app available on the App Store.

1. Sygic All Regions

Sygic All Regions navigation app for iphone
Sygic All Regions navigation app for iphone

This app is a free version of the navigation app that was released by Sygic. There are hundreds of maps of various countries, which can be downloaded for free. The maps that have been downloaded are stored into the memory of the iPhone, so that it can conduct searches without having to route online.

The search for a route, the user can enter a street name or destination location, then Sygic will present up to three alternate routes can be selected according to the wishes of the user.

In addition to the street name and the route, there is also a point of interest feature, namely the locations in the city are important and can be visited by users, such as GAS STATIONS, restaurants, shopping centers, churches, mosques, BAKERIES, etc. There is also a feature to monitor traffic.

In this app there is also voice guidance, namely notification in the form of a human voice that helps direct the user in tracing the route. The free version of this app, voice guidance is included in the package is a 30 day trial, and after that, to continue its use, users are required to purchase via the App Store. Sygic offers voice guidance with a variety of language and gender.

Sygic: GPS Navigation on iTunes

2. Google Maps

Google Maps navigation app for iphone
Google Maps navigation app for iphone

This is one of the most popular navigation apps used by smartphone users, in both the Android and iPhone. the app version of Google Maps is integrated between the service map, navigation, location, and review so that users don’t have to navigate app. Looks clean and minimalist, making it easy to see. the app also provides turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance, but the type and language of the voice guidance cannot be selected.

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Like the web version, Google Maps also provides a layer of traffic, public transport, bicycle routes, as well as the radar satellite.

Unlike the Sygic, this app does not save a map in memory, so when used must always be online. Search routes are also done online.

Map provided by Google is quite accurate, although there are some streets that are missing or incorrect, however, users can send feedback to Google so error on a map can be immediately repaired.

The route search can be done by entering a street name or destination location into the search bar. Maps showing only one route and unable to choose an alternate route, even if the user incorrectly follows the current route of travel, this app will directly serve the new route.

Google Maps on the App Store on iTunes

3. Waze

Waze navigation app for iphone
Waze navigation app for iphone

Waze focuses on social feature, where users can share routes that will be intended to have/social networking, doing traffic reports online, even chatting between fellow users on the road, although the Waze this feature does not work when the car is running.

Waze has the look of a rather ‘ cartoonish ‘, so navigation was impressed even more pleasant. Each user gets a unique avatar to indicate the location of his car. There is also a feature of points, namely the assessment system for users who often walk and help other users.

In this app are reporting feature, where users can tell a fellow user Waze will incident that took place on the road, such as crashes, accidents, road closures, road repair. While reports on all users submit, Waze in the area will get the report and immediately look for alternative routes.

Map available quite accurately, but the small streets and alleys are sometimes not there. To fix this, the user can send feedback directly to the developers of Waze, or create your own map with the feature ‘ Pave ‘.

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Although online based like Google Maps, but the user can disable data usage while travelling, as Waze automatically save search data is the latest in a route cache. However, if the use of the data is turned off, the social features and the search for alternative routes may not work.

Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic on the App Store

4. Apple Maps

apple maps
apple maps

Apple Maps is the default app of iOS and the iPhone. Although initially reaped much criticism due to less accurate navigation can, but Apple continues to launch new update so this app more comfortable to use.

There is also a voice guidance feature, however, works only on the iPhone with siri feature. With this feature, the Maps can also be controlled by voice commands.

5. Wisepilot

wisepilot navigation app for iphone
wisepilot navigation app for iphone

It looks pretty simple, but informative. Nor did many of its features, in addition to search route, there is a point of interest, a save route ever undertaken, and live traffic.

Unfortunately, maps are available less accurate. Although almost all the way there, but many road names are wrong. However, this can be ignored if the user does not perform a search with the name of the road, but location would like to go. Point of interest database on Wisepilot very complete, almost all destinations like mall, markets, GAS STATIONS, schools, even where cell phone service is available. This has to be one of the advantages of Wisepilot compared to another app.

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