Best News App for Android 2015

News apps for Android Smartphones are indeed becoming attracted for some users. Because with this news reader app we can find a variety of information that is happening all over the world and from a variety of categories.on the Google Play Store there are countless app can you Install and make use of its advantages and disadvantages. There are several options news app being I recommend to all of you at once with the shortcomings and advantages of each.

Best news app for android free

1. Flipboard.

This is one of our favorite apps to read the news. Because its user interface is made in such a way that it gets real magazines such as reading experience.

In terms of news sources, Flipboard arguably very complete. Because in addition to originating from online media, news can also be gained from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

this news app renowned design and look fabulous. From a variety of sources presented with a combination of images, titles, post excerpt became a very interesting look.

Besides the advantages this app serves up news by way of as comfortable as possible for the readers. Comfortable with navigation display flip to move from one page to another page. We can read the article as a whole with this app and can instantly share to social networks. For example, sharing to Twitter then tweet retweet format our official Twitter account is on the website.

summed up, the advantage in this app is in terms of look and design, wonderful. Many argue Flipboard app is the best there is at the moment.

Play Store: Flipboard – news app free

2. Google Currents


Google Currents news app
Google Currents news app


Another reader is no less amazing is Google Current, by the look of Google Current are more simple compared with Flipboard. with a simple look like this for some people will add convenience in reading.

Google Currents this will change the look of the web into a magazine to be well-thumbed pages to move from page to page to another or from one article to another. Cool and is perfect for those of you who frequent subscribe to news and information-information that exists on the internet.

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Play Store: Google Current – news app free

3. Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest
Yahoo News Digest

best Android news reader app officially made by Yahoo, so no doubt the quality of the news option is suggested. The Yahoo News Digest is dominated by global news.

Play Store: Yahoo News Digest – news app free

4. Feedly

feedly news reader
feedly news reader

If you want to read a simple news app, Feedly is the answer. the app is quite frequently due to fast and his attractive user interface. Especially when searching for news, simply swipe from bottom to top to find the next and news from top to bottom to reopen previous news headlines.

You can read almost any online media through this app. By finding the first and adding to the collection of your news. News content displayed with clear, yet some news content displayed only half and to read in more detail you should visit the website can also be accessed directly through this app.

For the workings of the app is not much different with Flipboard. If there is integration Flipboard’s social networking services are cool, if in Feedly limited reading and sharing via Twitter and Facebook, there is no feature to the client app. All the news channels already provided by default Feedly, this neat, there is already a Tech, Design, Business, Cooking, Photography, and so on.

We can add feeds from other websites by means of integrating Google Reader account to this app. Means the trick is to enter a feed to Google Reader, and can be read in Feedly.

Although not as interesting as Google Current or Flipboard for display, but this app is pretty decent to try.

Play Store: Feedly – news app free

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5. Pulse

pulse news
pulse news

Pulse more curated content reader. In this sense, we can select the source website of news that we like it.

The difference with Flipboard was on the side of his User Experience – instead of using swipe functionality like in Flipboard, the Pulse of his more modest experience, the first thing to do is to select the source website to be displayed – at Pulse already provided source-source pull is divided into various categories.

From each category, we can choose any website we will show on the Pulse – certainly in accordance with your wishes and our tastes.

The display is also pretty comfortable to read it – text and images displayed in presentable either in portrait or landscape mode – if we are still not satisfied, we can display the original version – Pulse is also equipped with features already Share – so that we can share with our friends through various social media channels that are available.

Play Store: Pulse – news app free

6. News Loop

News Loop with a very modern look, where a list of news headlines is displayed with great pictures.

News content is displayed clearly, with a white background color, and font size are so comfortable enough to read. Unfortunately, there is a slightly annoying ads at the bottom.

Play Store: News Loop – news app free

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