Best Sites to Download Free Music 2015

Despite the tax culture and other restrictions remain alternatives, these are the best sites to download free music 2015

Sometimes we want to listen music, but do not always have enough money to buy the records of all the artists who interest us, and there are some discs that do not like us whole, only look for specific songs. To listen to the music we want, we need to find those pages that allow us to download the music that we want to take it to all sites, and glad day.

Typical programs to download music, such as Emule, sometimes not gives us enough confidence or simply no longer exist. Therefore the best choice look like web pages, and so here are going to leave the best sites to download free music by 2015.

Download music to a large extent is illegal, but there are some pages which survive despite these laws, and there are even others who offer free legal music download. Here’s the best sites to download music for free, thanks to her, we hope that you can continue to enjoy something so essential to our lives as it is the music.

Best sites to download free music 2015:


amazon download music free

Amazon provides some free songs in your music library


itunes free music

iTunes also provides free music within its large library of music downloads



It allows downloading music legal and free of various musical genres.

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

One of the best websites to download free music, undoubtedly one of the most valued by the users.


soundcloud music download

On this page, many users come up and share their favorite songs. A site where you can download and share music that you like.

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It is very effective, it is the perfect website to download music in the format you need.

Not usually the most used, but it is fine since it offers a multitude of possibilities because you associated with 25 pages of free music download.


It is the best page to be up to date, to keep abreast of everything that surrounds the music industry.


mp3 juices

As well as allowing downloading songs for free, also provides the ability to post and share music and play it offline.

New Album Releases

Allows you to stay abreast of the latest songs that come out and download all the music you want for free.


A site great for download music and listen to it after where you want.


It allows you to download music for free and also gives you the opportunity to listen to radio online.


It offers you all the free music you need to shit you batteries every day.

Free Music Archive

All the songs that you imagine, you can find them here for free


A page designed completely to music lovers, here you will find all your favorite songs for free.

Par excellence the convertor in Mp3 format and one of the best sites to download free music online.



Mp3tube. A portal 2.0 with a vast number of users, and many more audio. I have searched everywhere, issues some palates a little, and in most cases I have found it. But what they liked most, the fact of hosting your own MP3 and play them at a good speed.

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Deezer is the search engine with the best design I’ve seen, is its own mp3, has an interface in Spanish. But, as they mention it, they also have a system that learns from our tastes, called SmartRadio

The Hype Machine

It is an aggregator of mp3 that tracks the files of a vast legion of blogs dedicated to music. If one looks for the name of the file, can be a long list of results, which can be heard in the same list. In addition, The Hype Machine offers a variety of tools, how to create playlist with our favorite songs.


SkreemR is one of the simplest mp3 seekers I’ve found, allows you to play anything, but unlike The Hype Machine, not allow the download of the songs.



SeeqPod must be among the best-known mp3 search engines of internet. Using it is very simple, and we have already seen a trick to download music that is. SeeqPod allows us to navigate through the results and play the tracks in a flash player.

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