10 Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online

Many of us have not returned to the movie theaters since the internet has become the best exhibitor of films: no longer have to choose between a limited list of movies at a specific time in conditions that you don’t control.

Among the vast universal library that is the internet are almost all titles of any content that interests you; It is only necessary to know to look for a bit. Knowing look, in the majority of cases don’t need exploring torrents; You can find streams of films recently released in the cinema and on all classic and rare films – which is the focus of this list, although we also include some basic sites of selection.

watch free movies

we decided to compile an eclectic list of sites that offer a broad menu of film online. The list provides a couple of huge sites where you can find most of the cinema of the commercial Billboard of the past 20 years, but also some more selected options, for people who want to see documentaries or art film.

Top 10 sites to watch free movies online

For sites like Hulu and Netflix from other countries, that we do not include in the list, a trick to view the content of these sites is to use the Hola app for Google Chrome which allows you to change the IP and visit these sites as if it is out of the country in which the content is authorized.

Ubu web: the site of the great provocateur Kenneth Goldsmith is a site that offers a fine selection of films, documentaries and videos of the avant – garde. It does not have a collection as large as other sites, but maintains an excellent curator and some films and very rare videos can be found.

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Free movies on Open Culture: A list with 700 free movies. What is worthwhile here is the selection of this site, which is without a doubt one of the best in the network as its curator of the best of the art of recent decades.

Snagfilms: 10,000 free titles (documentaries, festival films, cult classic films).

cinema international: An excellent selection of new and classic films of European cinema with English subtitles. Your selection can be consulted by country, from France, Italy, Spain, Germany to Belgium, Holland and Switzerland’s smaller countries. A great site for fans of the film of the new wave of French or Italian.

Alluc.to: One of the oldest movies sites, who has managed to escape to the scythe anti-piracy. This site has tens of thousands of titles of movies and series. A good choice to look for films that may not have even come to your nearest cinema. This type of site triple the amount of titles which they offer sites like Cuevana, but do not have, in the majority of cases, Spanish subtitles at least.

PrimeWire.ag: Another site with one of the most extensive selections, also with tens of thousands of videos of movies and series. It is updated every minute and has some links of good quality.

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Cinepata: For those who want to see movies in Spanish. It has a good selection of Latin American cinema in good quality.

WatchDocumentary.com: For the lovers of the documentaries, this site offers a list of thousands of documentaries that can be seen online, including some of the most recent and popular.

MoviesFoundOnline: This site makes the Titanic works look everywhere and documentary films in the public domain or that have been released free of charge.

Putlocker: The original Putlocker was a site that was all kinds of files, but which has been lowered by piracy. However, have sprouted numerous “putlockers” with different urls: putlocker.is, putlocker.bz, etc. A way to search movies is simply to put the title of the film followed by “putlocker”; This is a tip that allows you to find many movies that can only be found in torrents or the deepweb.

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