Best Video Editor for iPhone and iPad

There are many Best Video Editor for iPhone that perform specific functions, like add music or video slide shows of photos already has, but video there are few options when it comes to applications that it allows you to edit videos, add filters, transitions and share to your social networks all in one package. So here we select vbest video editor for iphone, iPad and iPod Touch to test out.


Best Video Editor for iPhone devices



One of the best video editor for iphone, iMovie should have a home on all iOS devices. For starters it is ridiculously easy to splice footage shot on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, but much more than that.

You can also use it to add titles and music, voiceovers to your work of art – and if you want cheese over, you can choose between a lot of TV and movie trailer style templates themes. Essential.

Download iMovie here



While iMovie is great which makes, is clearly geared towards casual use. So if you want to step it up to the next level, try Pinnacle Studio. the desktop version has been around since the early 1990s – adds more complex transitions between clips and some image effects in luxury (some are shopping in the application).

You also get control over the placement of captions and titles and imports can also be used. You have to wait a little longer, though, that work your rest of tea around the provision.

Download Pinnacle Studio here



There is nothing to worry about iMovie or Pinnacle Studio on Android, but VidTrim works fine with sigle clips of your device or elsewhere. You can crop images, add music and retro or psychedelic effects, and export the result as an MP4. There is a free version, or you can pay to remove watermark and get support for 1080 p.
Platform: Android price: from free

Download free VidTrim here



This best video editor for iphone is incredible. Try for free, but make purchases in the application, this turn of a novelty in an excellent tool. It sticks with stunning effects in real time, that are perfect for do-it-yourself or in-yer-face extreme sports videos. You can even synchronize devices, shoot the same scene from different angles and fade between images.

Platform: iOS price: from free

Download VideoFX live here



There are some unusually precise editing functions in Videoshow, such as the ability to specify a particular section of a song to a backing track. We also like the freedom that you get with the size, style and placement of titles and the spray of color effects. Its a major weakness is that it does not have any transition.

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Platform: Android price: free

Download Videoshow: Video Editor here

Watermark Video Square

Watermark Video Square

batch your Video Clip and movies with application of Watermarking for Instagram Facebook Twitter and Youtube (iPhone) – use of watermark video Plaza is probably the best way to protect videos with watermark text. You can add simple text, copyright ©, trademark ™, #Hashtag, signature, @Email and more easily with this application, apart from Add watermark this application lets you edit you video and share share video and social networking sites. A must have artist video editing application, professionals, vendors online and trade marks.

Download Watermark Video Square



video Editor (iPhone) – This is a complete best video editor for iphone You can find all the features you’ll need to edit videos on iPhone, as – add songs, recording vocals, slow/fast motion, texts, inverse video clips, effect bars, blurring, etc.. Videocraft allows you easily edit videos on your iPhone instantly and export to camera roll, share on facebook, email, or upload directly to YouTube.

Download Videocraft



Video Movie Maker Editor and Multi camera movie edit effects slideshow music edit Credit App (iPhone + iPad)-one of the best video editor for iphone available on the iOS App Store. This is the app you really need, if you are looking for the most powerful application that can be used for video editing professional-quality video editing. And the best of Vizzywig is that it is very easy to use. You don’t have to learn a lot to edit videos. It has all the features you want from a professional video for your iPhone and iPad application.

Download Vizzywig



magical Video Editor (iPhone + iPad)-Magisto is the best video pro Edition of app in the app store which is available for free. Purchased the application and ultimately, you have to pay, but, nevertheless, this is one of the best professional video editors for iPhone and iPad. And if you are looking for an application that can automatically edit videos and photos, and easy video editing to share at the moment, Magisto is probably the best app for you. Because Magisto is a complete professional video editing application and has all the features you expect from a video editor full, such as trim and edit videos, edit detection of facial recognition, automatic, share on social networking and video sharing sites and via e-mail, collaboration, recording with camera, video camera stabilization, effects, filters and transitions, and more.

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Download Magisto



(iPhone + iPad)-If you want to edit your videos effortlessly and quickly, you should try Videolicious. This application allows you to quickly combine your videos, music, photos and stories in a film. Unlike other video editing applications, you don’t need to learn a lot to use Videolicious, because this video of powerful editing application has a user interface very easy to use that he allows you to edit your videos very easily on the iPhone and the iPad.

Download Videolicious

Lumify Video Editor

If you want to capture and edit videos in full high-definition quality on your iPhone and share them on websites like YouTube, Instagram to share videos or send via instant messaging as WhatsApp services, must use Lumify. This professional quality full video editor makes your 1080 p hd video editing is very easy with its powerful features and the simple user interface and allows you to upload videos directly from YouTube or shared on Instagram for WhatsApp.


SloPro – 1000fps Slow Motion Video

(iPhone + iPad)-actually, it is not a full featured video editing applications like iMovie or Vizzywig, but is one of the best applications for the filming and editing live slo-mo of 60 fps videos on your iPhone or iPad. This video editing application powerful slo-mo enables you to capture and edit videos slow motion and share videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Download SloPro – 1000fps Slow Motion Video

Crop Video Square

Video Editor and crop your movie Clip in square – or the size of the rectangle for Instagram (iPhone) culture Video Plaza – video Editor for Pinch Zoom adjust size and crop your MovieClip in square – or the size of the rectangle for Instagram
One the easiest video editing apps for iPhone that allows you to crop your video to Instagram. With this application, you can easily and quickly cut out videos and photos to square size and turn, zoom / move them. You can share you edited videos on Instagram, or save to camera roll. A must have application for Instagram users.

Download Crop Video Square

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