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Want to know the weather conditions today in order to travel comfortably? By using the available Weather app for iOS and Android is a very appropriate decision. It’s been a lot of weather app available, However not all weather app that is able to provide information that is complete and accurate.
Weather app is very useful for those of you who love to travel or who will be traveling. You can check the State of the weather at the location you go so that you can prepare yourself, ranging from the need to bring a jacket or pants swimming up to the need to bring sunblock or a flu remedy.

If you need more than information on temperature and weather forecasts to come, there are a lot of nice apps in the App Store that can answer your wishes. Many of those who offer useful information such as the location accuracy, map radar animations, and detailed weather forecasts by the minute.

Best Weather App for iPhone

The Verge has done research on the best weather app, fun and functional for the iPhone. So, you don’t have to spend time and money looking for the weather app for traveling. Maybe you already have a weather app on the iPhone, but it’s good you check first on this one.

Accuweather Platinum

Accuweather Platinum
Accuweather Platinum

According to the verge, the best Weather app that can display information in a complete and accurate is AccuWeather Platinium. the app is considered paid weather app, bookmark weather that is capable of displaying the full and accurate in providing up-to-date weather information.

The following features are offered by Accuweather Platinum:

  • Push Notifications for warning of bad weather in the United States–is now also included in the tablet.
  • Notice of weather around the world for snow, ice, rain, wind, or the possibility of thunderstorms.
  • Main screen Widget which displays the forecast two days with bad weather warning to your GPS location and clock time. Multiple widget locations that can be resized now also available with even more complete weather details.
  • Radar to satellite throughout North America and around the world who spread a Google Maps ™ interactively. Viewing a snapshot map to the location you save now available.
  • The latest weather news and videos – many of which are available in the United Kingdom and Spain.
  • Share your social media so you can share forecasts using social media apps that already exist on your device.
  • You also get an accurate local weather forecast and the customization you expect from AccuWeather, without advertising:
  • Local and accurate Forecasts for locations around the world with extended forecasts for 25 days.
  • Current weather conditions with the percentage of humidity, visibility, UV index, wind speed and direction, time of sunrise and sunset and RealFeel ® – exclusive AccuWeather weather forecasting system that analyzes the various conditions to determine how local temperatures will be felt in actual.
  • Local weather forecast Summary that provides an overview of forecasting weather for the next five days, along with a description of the most dramatic weather events expected in five days.
  • The status bar on the main screen that displays the current temperature for the location of your home or your current location.
  • The ability to save the number of locations without limit.
  • Choice between metric or imperial system, and between the time display 12-hour or 24-hour clock, and portrait or landscape display.
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Download AccuWeather here:

Paid Download
Free Download

Best paid app: Dark Sky

Dark Sky iphone app
Dark Sky iphone app

The Dark Sky is a paid app for iOS which offers super accurate predictions by the minute for rainfall, and paint a warning right on your cell phone screen. A push notification is typical of the Dark Sky could say “Drizzle will begin in 12 minutes,” which means you have the precise time of 12 seconds to find shelter.

Dark Sky, you know exactly when it will rain, how heavy the rain is going to happen, and how long the rain will last. the app also has a 24-hour weather forecasts and one full week as well as an animated map that displays temperature and precipitation. The look of the interface as simple and appealing, not less interesting than the other app.

Dark Sky prices are more expensive compared to other weather app. With the long-term forecasts, the Dark Sky becomes a pretty complete app that serves as the only you need to weather forecasters. The expensive price of the app is on short-term prediction, where when you get the first notification of the app is that there will be rain in 12 minutes. If you manage to find shelter in 12 minutes, the expensive price would seem inappropriate for this app.

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Download on the App Store: Dark Sky

Best free app: Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather app
Yahoo Weather app

Yahoo Weather is the best choice in iOS. one of the most beautiful weather apps ever made. This application will notify current and temperature estimates short-term, also includes advanced data such as wind speed, air pressure, and the time of sunrise and sunset. And it’s all presented in an interesting, easy to read and not confusing you with numbers and metrics.

Yahoo Weather displays current weather conditions with images pulled from Flickr, and accumulated in a single column vertical scrolling. There are an estimated per hour, five or ten-day forecasts, and meteorological conditions for detailed information at this time. There is even an iPhone version of the animation, but there was no warning for severe weather conditions.

Download on the App Store: Yahoo Weather

The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel app
The Weather Channel app

This app is pretty popular on the iPhone. Available free of charge and unfortunately there are ads that can’t be discarded.

Download on the App Store: The Weather Channel

Today Weather

Today Weather app
Today Weather app

premium paid app. There is a short term forecast as Dark Sky just that without notification of weather changes.

Download on the App Store: Today’s Weather

Weather Underground

Weather Underground app
Weather Underground app

This free app to have banner advertising everywhere, but you can get with a subscription.

Download on the App Store: Weather Underground

Perfect Weather.

Perfect Weather app
Perfect Weather app

This paid app appears pretty cool.

Download on the App Store: Perfect Weather

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