Big screen latest iPhone much praised

iphone 6 big screen

Some early reviews of the iPhone 6 gives praise to the big screen of the Apple products.

Slash Gear web pages provide a review “public want a larger screen and a large screen at the same time Apple gives better performance.” “Stunning HD Retina Display, a fast A8 processor, and a high degree of connectivity makes this product is the best iPhone ever.”

TechCrunch calls Apple 6 Plus as the first big-screen Smartphone designed very well.

The latest model iPhone 6 which includes a large screen by several parties is considered as Apple’s attempt to follow the trend of “phablet” or trends that combines the features of Smartphones and tablets.

The main competitor of Apple, Samsung, has long penetrated into the mobile phone and the big screen will soon be releasing the product “phablet” for Galaxy Note 4.

IPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inches, this allows Apple to meet consumer desires are likely to choose a large screen mobile phone.

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“Apple does not slip,” wrote David Pogue of Yahoo Tech News in his review.

“Two new iPhone is very special, beautiful, artsy. And deserve to be the successor to the Apple kingdom.”

Some reviews noted that the price of the iPhone 6 Plus is more expensive than “phablet” rival.
The California-based technology company to get four million pre-orders for the latest iPhone in 24 hours after it opened on Friday.

“The demand for the latest iPhone is increased beyond the initial inventory for pre-order. Several orders will begin on Friday delivered up until the end of September. Yet, most will be scheduled for delivery in October,” as reported by Apple

The announcement indicates that there will be long lines at the store when the sale starts on Friday.

Sales in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and the United Kingdom will be opened at eight o’clock in the morning local time.
A total of twenty countries to start selling on September 26.

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Apple, on Tuesday, launched its first smart watch and two big screen iPhone, as a step to reclaim its role as a trend-setter.

Apple adds a new Mobile Wallet application, which allows iPhone users to use their gadgets in the stores to make payments.

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