2 Cheap Android Wear SmartWatch, Moto 360 and LG G Watch

Wearable Devices Android-based continue to grow in the heyday of Google. Companies from Mountain View, United States are continuing to innovate in making the operating system is user friendly and has many features to facilitate users.

One of the latest innovations from the Google operating system is Android Wear. An OS which is devoted to the Wearable Devices was first tried in a smart watch, and will possibly be the operating system of Google Glass later. Already there are three major companies that adopt Android SmartWatch Wear on which they are marketed, IE Samsung, LG, and Motorola.

Wear Android is ready to provide a different experience to the users. Notifications of various Android apps, complete fitness apps, and connect with Google Search is the main advantages of the Android Wear SmartWatch. The most awaited by the public is Android Wear SmartWatch Moto 360 and the LG G Watch.

1. SmartWatch Moto 360

moto 360

Moto 360 was officially presented at the event Google I / O 2014 Android SmartWatch Wear the device appear to be different than its competitors. As you can see above, the Moto 360 spherical screen with OLED display technology, and it is definitely the screen is also coated with scratch-resistant coating to protect the screen.

As one of the world’s best SmartWatch, Moto 360 is definitely contains a variety of appearance and very useful features for its users. Standard features such as Compass, GPS, and resistance to water and dust have certainly owned the Smarwatch Android Wear.

Moto 360 is equipped with a voice command feature or voice command because the screen size is quite small. To run various applications on it, you can just say “Ok Google”, and you can instantly access and use all of the features such as sending a text, make phone calls, view a log or set an alarm.

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Moto 360 has a fitness features in real-time, which is able to provide mileage information when the user is running, and the Google Maps application that is useful as a guide navigation feature. All the features of the Moto 360 average are an application made ​​by Google, such as Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Google Play Music as entertainment features.

To receive notification of various Android apps compatible with Android Wear, you can connect SmartWatch device or Android tablet, but according to the news that we can, only Android versions 4.3 and above Jelly Bean could connect with Moto 360.

2. SmartWatch LG G Watch

LG G Watch

second Cheap Android smartwatch is made ​​by LG with LG G Watch series. Smart watches proficiency level is the first device made ​​by Motorola that equipped the Android Wear operating system. Just like the Moto 360, SmartWatch is also equipped with many exciting features to facilitate users.
LG G-Watch is made with a design resembling the Samsung gear box. There are two attractive colors namely black titan, and white gold. For the dimension it is quite thin size 37.9 × 46.5 × 9.95 mm. The screen used Smart Watch is an Android Wear IPS display measuring 1.65 “. LG G Watch also waterproof and dust, IP67 certified.

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As one SmartWatch sophisticated, the LG G Watch using the 400 Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory size, connectivity is already available to support Bluetooth V4 is able to connect with Android 4.3 and above devices.

Large battery capacity 400 mah size, becomes more valuable than the LG G Watch. the Android Wear smartwatch also in complete voice command (voice recognition) to enable Google Now utilizing a variety of applications available in it. You can easily search for information using Google Search, and a variety of features like those of the Moto 360.

LG’s Android Wear smartwatch these features the “Always On”. These features to function so that you can continue to view information in real time without having to turn on the screen or press a button. Features fitness is definitely owned Android SmartWatch, because the feature is a core feature of a smart watch.

SmartWatch price offered is different in each country, in the US the price of smart watches are priced at $ 299.

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