How to Connect Android to iOS Devices

Even though Apple products intended to form a closed ecosystem, but many Android smartphone owners who want to connecting with IOS device.

Connect Android to iOS Devices

Connect Android to iOS Devices

You also do not need to worry about the data that is stored on your Android device unreadable on the iPhone. Evidently, video streaming up to sync music and contacts, can easily be seen.

The requirement is, you simply download the following applications:

Transfer files with AirDroid

AirDroid is a free service that lets you transfer files from and to the phone via a web browser. You can even send and receive text messages from your computer.

To get started, simply download AirDroid 2 (free) from the Google Play Store and go to on your Mac. Register an account (using an existing Google account, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail address), and enter the phone by using the same method.

To begin transferring the file, go to Start AirDroid and click on the top of the window Mac. Then enter, in it you can see a variety of menus, such as sending and receiving messages, view call logs, and transfer files. It’s as easy as drag and drop as you would on a mobile phone and computer.

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Play music anywhere

Many synchronization can be done between Apple devices through iTunes, then it is very easy to get music from your computer to your iPhone.

It’s harder when you have an Android phone and connect it to iTunes, but you do not have to worry because it certainly can be done.

In addition to a number of other applications that synchronize iTunes with Android, Google has made it possible to sync via Google Play Music.

You can upload your entire music collection up to 20 thousand songs to their servers. Automatic ease of accessing and downloading can be done.

Streaming to AirPlay devices

Streaming airplay

If you want to stream music, photos or videos to AirPlay devices, AllCast is the application you need. You can easily stream to Apple TV, other AirPlay devices, even streamed directly to Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic’s smart TV.

To set it, simply download AllCast from Google Play Store and open it, it will automatically detect nearby devices that can stream. Tap the desired device, and you will see a screen that displays all the photos and videos on your device. Choose the one that you want to stream to TV.

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There is a free version of AllCast with a streaming limit of one minute, and a paid version that unlock its full potential. Try the free version to make sure it works before paying for the premium version.

Unfortunately, AllCast just drain the things that are stored locally on your phone. If you are going to stream anything from YouTube, Facebook, or local media server, tries AppleTV AirPlay Media Player, an application that will stream audio or video to your AppleTV.

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