Damage level iOS 8 Higher than iOS 7

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The latest mobile operating system made ​​by Apple, iOS 8 known to have high levels of damage (crash rate) is higher than the old version, iOS 7.

IPhone users who have renewed their devices with IOS 8 complained of the damage. Even the study of mobile application performance management company, Crittercism, said the extent of damage on iOS 8 which is 78 percent higher than the IOS version 7.

Ubergizmo launch, Wednesday, September 24, the company recorded test per 22 September last, recorded the extent of damage on all iOS devices 8 reached 3.56 percent.

While the details, the extent of damage in the iPhone iOS 6 per 8 the same period to 2.63 percent level of damage. For iPhone 6 Plus has a smaller damage rate is 2.11 percent.

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While the rate of renewal IOS 8 on older iPhones such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S were higher, with the level of damage reached 3.57 percent.

Data record company, the level of damage to the update on each device supported iOS 7 is just 2 per cent only.

Regarding the renewal of disturbances on iOS 8, the company said due to various reasons including but not limited to the application gap that has not been updated, but also the presence of clutter on iOS 8.

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Crittercism confirms the high level of damage on iOS 8 does not mean there is something wrong on IOS 8, because the gap in an application is a common occurrence in the new software.

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