Don’t Install ios 8 in iPhone 4S!

iphone 4s with ios 8

As you know, Apple has recently released a new mobile operating system, iOS 8. The good news, said Apple’s iOS 8 can run on several types of iPhone, including iPhone 4S.

Even so, owners of the iPhone 4S are not recommended to update to the IOS operating system 8 Some users reported that the course of 8 in the iPhone 4S iOS feels quite heavy and there are some features that are not supported.

Citing ArsTechnica page on Wednesday (09/24/2014), or API Metal AirDrop feature is not even available for the iPhone 4S. Due to the size of the small screen of the iPhone 4S, which is 3.5 inches, some observers consider that iOS 8 which has a lot of information, not suitable for the small screen.

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ArsTechnica is already testing IOS 8 in the iPhone 4S, saying that iOS 8 is designed for a larger screen like the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

ArsTechnica did some experiments and found that performance on the iPhone 4 iOS 8 very slow. The speed of the process to open a few basic applications in the iPhone 4S is lowered.

For example, the iPhone 4S takes 2.16 seconds to open Safari on iOS 8, while in iOS 7 is only 1.25 seconds. For more details, please see the table below:

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ios 8 compare

But if you’ve already done the installation process on the iPhone 4S IOS 8, advised immediately if it is still possible to do the downgrade.

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