Download iOS 8 Without Delete Older Files

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Although it has been launched with many features include qualified, IOS 8 instead complained by users. They strongly objected to the memory capacity brought by iOS 8.

It takes a memory space that is roomy enough to insert into the iPhone iOS 8. The problem, though iTunes says the file size is only 1.2 GB iOS8 but it takes about 5.7 GB for the operating system to download it in full.

Many users then have to do a ‘cleanup’ file. They remove the photos, images, music, and legacy applications not deemed important or to make space for the IOS 8.

The file size is very large IOS 8. Whereas the previous Apple operating system, is 7, only requires approximately 2.9 GB of memory space.

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According to the website Mashable, Friday, September 19, 2014, the need for memory space iPhone iOS 8 are different. It depends on what type of iPhone that is used and when the last time the user renews its IOS.

“Before you proceed with removal, try to sync your iPhone or iPad to the computer. Download iOS was 8 directly from a computer that is connected to it. These steps will not consume much space on the device,” writes Mashable.

According to the Mashable team, renew iOS via a PC or Mac is considered as being more reasonable, rather than having to go through the network OTA (over-the-air).

“If you want to use this alternative pathway, be sure to select ‘check for updates’ when a pop-up in iTunes. Do not select ‘restore the iPhone’. Reason, the last option that will make the content on your iPhone swept clean,” Mashable instructions.

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Mashable offers tips for iPhone users to back up data to iCloud before downloading the software.

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