Easy Battery Saver 3.4.1 APK Download Free for Android

Easy Battery Saver 3.4.1 APK Download Free latest version for Android

Downloads more than 20,000,000 4.6 stars. Do the phone always need charging, even once a day? The phone always dies at a crucial moment because of running out of battery? Do you want to find a perfect solution? Now it is your answer!

Easy Battery Saver for android

Easy Battery Saver is the easiest application of energy saving that helps extend the battery life and optimizes your mobile experience in hand.

Easy Battery Saver is a powerful management application specifically designed to prolong battery life and optimize the use of habit. Saves the battery when dealing with connectivity network, screen timeout and brightness of the screen of your Smartphone. In addition, considerable time sleeping configuration will save battery when you are sleeping. Easy Battery Saver is easy to use by four preset saving modes and customized advanced mode. Select one mode, the problems will disappear.

1) general eco-mode has basic control network, screen and dream programming to meet its normal battery-saving needs.

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(2) Intelligent eco-mode manage eight different controls and smart to save more than general battery saving mode.

(3) super energy saving mode set the time of waiting for the phone. You don’t need to worry about if the phone dies at the crucial moment.

(4) advanced custom mode offers more custom options to allow easy Battery Saver manage applications and adjust the system settings to optimize the efficiency of the battery.

(5) Normal mode means nothing change your battery.

In addition, tutorials in Easy Battery Saver how to deal with multi-tasking and how to save your battery efficiency will guide you. No matter what situation, no matter who you are. Easy Battery Saver will always find the best solution for you. Stretch your finger, you will see the different.

Highlights:-easy to use * optional modes which is easy to choose * display the status of the battery on homepage – effective * save more than 50% battery * extend the life of battery – CONSIDERABLE work * battery consumption list of real-time operating elements * Simple, interactive and useful tutorial * notice how best battery to use

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Language support – many users easy battery as advised and translated version in English to other minority languages. Currently, we are looking for users of Easy Battery Saver that can help.

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