An easy way Download ios 8 via iTunes

download ios 8Apple has just released operating system (OS) newest iOS 8 to the public. A number of iPhone users start ‘panic’ to question how much space is needed for the new system the OS.

Take it easy … There is an easy and fast way that you can try to download the latest operating system of the iPhone. You only need to do it using iTunes on your computer.

According to Huffingtonpost, IOS 8 requires empty space (space) at 1.1 GB when downloading via iTunes. But if you download via WiFi, 5.8 GB of space is required to be able to install iOS 8 This is because you have to keep the previous operating system and uncompress the new file. But if it does not have to use iTunes.

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Here’s how to download iOS 8 via iTunes:

1 Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

2 Click the “iPhone”

download ios 8 via itunes

3. Next will come a page that gives you the option to check for updates. Click “Check For Update.”

easy download ios 8 via itunes

4A. If the message reads that the IOS 8 is available for download, click “Download and Update.”

4B. If you do not have a space of 1.1 GB, start transferring files to a computer that is not necessary. To check remaining storage space, check the Settings> General> Usage.

Delete the files that are found to be too critical or save it to your computer if it will be needed. If you already have enough space, do again step 4A.

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5. Follow the instructions, and make sure your iPhone remains connected. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to download iOS 8 in this way, if it is done via WiFi you probably will take a lot longer than that.


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