Find my iPhone : How to find a lost iphone

How to Find Lost iPhone with Find My iPhone?. Losing the iPhone is the most feared by every owner of the Apple Smartphone. Apple realized this and provide an app called Find My iPhone. If you iOS device users who are already doing the jailbreak, if it were traveling by public transport which are found to be safe, you should also use the Anti-Theft, as a first warning if your iPhone is changing hands.

Find my iPhone
Find my iPhone

You are still not satisfied with the features offered by the Find My iPhone app and Anti-Theft can use Anti-Theft app a third party that is widely available in the Apple Store as iCaughtU Pro and others.

Here are some ways find your lost iPhone with Find My iPhone app.

The advantages of the Find My iPhone app:

  • Track the location of your lost iPhone through maps.
  • Bring up your message on the main screen iPad and special sound at full volume, although the iPhone / iPad is in a state of ‘mute’.
  • Lock your iPhone / iPad with ‘Remote Lock’. So can you lock iPhone with a password to remotely block access to them.
  • Delete the entire contents of the iPhone with the ‘Remote Wipe’. So you can eliminate all of the data on the iPhone remotely. With so neither party can take your data stored on it.

Here’s about how to use Find My iPhone app:

  • Download and install this free app from the App Store. Although the name ‘Find My iPhone’ but can also be used on the iPad and iPod Touch. The app is free and is about 17MB for you can use.
  • Open the app and enter your iTunes account you already have to begin to activate the Find My iPhone app on your iPad.
  • If you have any other iOS devices like the iPhone or iPod touch, do the same thing, also install this app on the device. Later, if you lose your iPad, then you can trace it through the iPhone and iPod Touch or otherwise.
  • If you do not have another iOS device, it is a way to trace it through a PC or MAC. Visit address via a computer browser, then re-enter your iTunes account when asked to directly track the whereabouts of your iPhone.
  • To unlock additional features of Find My iPhone, click the ‘I’ is blue in addition to the location of the iPad on a map, then an additional menu will appear.
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Play Sound or Send Message:

Direct typing short messages that will appear on the main screen iPad. Enable also ‘Play Sound’ order your iPad also issued a loud voice that attracts attention. If you are finished, click ‘Send’.

Remote Lock:

Enter the 4 digit code, reconfirmation, then click ‘Lock’, then the iPad will automatically locked with the password. It is intended to maintain the security of your data on the iPad while you are trying to reinvent this tablet.

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Remote Wipe:

This is the last step you can do if there is no hope of finding the back of the iPad. IE by deleting the entire contents of tablets, including apps Find My iPhone in it (so it is not possible to track where the iPad via the map). But with so your personal data will not fall into the hands of irresponsible.

It’s easy, just click the ‘Remote Wipe’ and ‘Wipe iPad’. The data will be permanently deleted. It should also be noted is make sure you have allowed access Find My iPhone app was previously on iCloud. To check go to ‘Settings’> ‘iCloud’> ‘Find My iPad’ and click ON. Be sure also to enable Location Services application. go to ‘Settings’> ‘Location Services’> ‘Find My iPad’, and click ON on the available options.

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