FotoSwipe, Easy Way to Share Photos iOS and Android

Sharing photos with friends is very interesting for us, especially for women, but do you ever run into trouble when going to share the photo? Bluetooth might not connect / error, not to mention we have to be connected with other Bluetooth users when will send photos.

Easy Way to Share Photos

FotoSwipe Easy Way to Share Photos

Well for Smartphone users is the time you can try a new app named FotoSwipe.

Fotoswipe app is a technology that was created to provide convenience of users of Android and iOS when will send photos. With technology FotoSwipe the Uploader just move the picture to send, automatically photo sent to other users. This is the Easy Way to Share Photos Between iOS and Android.

you curious about the FotoSwipe app, the following explanation on how to use and function FotoSwipe.

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How to use FotoSwipe

How to use FotoSwipe is easy and not complicated at all, users do not need to register, do not require a connection Bluetooth, NFC, as well as WiFi. In addition, you also do not have to add another user account just send a photo.

Which the user must do is bring your phone with another user’s mobile phone, and then select a picture to send, then stay we slide (swipe) the photo, and the photo has been automatically moved to another mobile phone in just a few seconds.

How to DownLoad FotoSwipe

How to DownLoad FotoSwipe is easy for those of you who use Android-based Smartphone, you can download it in Google PlayStore, whereas those of you who use a Smartphone based on the iPhone / IOS, you can download it from the Apple App.

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You are now looking the fotoswipe app, after downloaded, install in our gadgets. This app is also available for free, what are you waiting? Let’s download the app FotoSwipe app with a lot of ease.

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