Galaxy A7 Specs leaked, the processor 64-bit super octacore

samsung Galaxy A7The successor to Samsung’s Smartphone metal case, Alpha Galaxy, there is a successor. Whether intentional or not, the specs of the Smartphone leaked on the internet.

Labeled Galaxy A7, a Smartphone with premium design is often compared to the Galaxy S5. But Galaxy A7 has a superior design and more ‘expensive’. Well, now the specifications of the Galaxy A7 recently leaked through a benchmark test results of GFXbenchmark.

From the benchmark results, it is known when the Galaxy A7 uses a screen measuring 5.2 inches with a resolution of 1080 pixels. This broke the previous speculation stated Galaxy A7 brings 5.5 inch screen, Phone Arena (27/10).

The most impressive of course, the presence of an eight-core processor ‘octa-core’ Snapdragon 615 which has a clocking speed of 1.5 GHz. For the latest support the pace of processor made ​​by Qualcomm, Samsung added a 2 GB RAM capacity. Unfortunately, the available memory on the Galaxy A7 with only 16 GB of user memory can be used only 12 GB.

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As a Smartphone that was born in the era of photography as it is today, do not forget to equip the Samsung Galaxy A7 with a powerful 12 MP rear camera. While the front camera of this Smartphone has a 5 MP resolution and can record 1080p HD quality video.

For now only the information about the specifications are revealed from the Smartphone runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat it. Price, release date, until the market gets Samsung Galaxy A7 is still a secret.

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