Google Introduces App transfers between platforms

Android 5.0 now allows to transfer other file types to Android Beam, and apparently also able to work with Android, iOS, and Chrome.

Co-presense app
the verge

Reporting from Phonearena, Sunday (11/02/2014), cross-platform file transfer system, is likely to be called by the Co-presense. But the name is not final and is there likely to be changed.

Not just the name, this app seems Google has filed a patent for the name. The app is made ​​so that Google has more options for transfer between platforms.

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Co-presense allows Android, iOS, and Chrome devices communicate with each other. All of these devices can exchange files, photos, messages, or other content.

The device will use the location data or Bluetooth to establish a connection, then transfer files via WiFi or WiFi Direct.

It could be synchronization of data between devices, similar to the new Continuity features between iOS and Mac, Android TV or Chromecasts or it could be something completely different.

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