Google’s Android Wear Will Support iOS

android wear smartwatchAlthough competing, Google did not want to waste the potential of iOS which was considered still getting a lot of users. Particularly to support user connectivity options Android smartwatch.

Not just some of the apple services can be used iOS users, Android Wear is now supporting compatibility with Apple’s operating system.

Chances are spoken by Jeff Chang who is the Product Manager of Android Wear. As quoted by Ubergizmo, Saturday (10/25/2014), he claimed to be interested to develop Android Wear in order to support platforms other than Android.

“We want as many users are able to enjoy the experience (Android Wear). So to reach more users to use the Android Wear, we are very interested in making (supporting other platforms, including IOS), “said Chang.

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One of Google’s top brass said the issue of compatibility is very likely going to encounter. “It is possible (in order to support other platforms Android Wear), but in the end was not entirely in control of us (as they relate to other platforms),” he said again.

Wear when Android finally able to support iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10, analysts say Android Wear smartwatch also will not have full access when connected to another platform.

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Because surely other platforms will restrict full access , such as iOS on Apple Watch.

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