How to Download and Install GBA4IOS without JailBreak

GBA4IOS, has made it easier than ever for people who want Tutorial How to Download and Install GBA4IOS 2.1 is now available and works on any device , even in those who have iOS 8.1 or, how we, the beta of iOS 8.1.1, great…GBA4IOS 2.1 is a beta, but stable enough for Riley Testut put it at the disposal of the public at large, it would be a Golden Master version, or what is the same almost the final version, this is the release from the developer:

Hi guys, is that you have been waiting for this moment since long time ago, GBA4IOS 2.1 is here, we are going to launch a final version to the world in a short time, but we have decided that this beta is stable enough so can download it all before everyone else.

This is the GM version, as we know that is not quite finished and can have errors in it that you can find out, in any case is a stable enough version that you can download and play games without any problems, even with the linking of wireless controllers,
enjoy it.

And although many are rather ugly and boring old games, many still in love with the charm of classic games, such as multiple versions of Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Mario Kart or Kirby.

The procedure is really simple, but due to its nature, it is possible that, in next updates of iOS, Apple runs out blocking it, so take advantage of to make it and play as long as you can.

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GBA4iOS is adapted to the screen of the iPhone, allows you to save and load items, select multiple control skins, as well as play it horizontally or vertically. That Yes, it is not perfect, so can some roms do not work or go faster than it should.

How to Download and install GBA4IOS on any device without JailBreak

How to install GBA4IOS 2.1 without tricks and in any iOS, 8.1 and 8.1.1 Beta including. Well, this is so easy that it almost does not need tutorial

Step 1 – enter the page of GBA4IOS 2.1 download from your device by touching the button below.

Download GBA4IOS 2.1

Step 2 – you will see the Logo of GBA4IOS in the middle of the page, plays on the.

download GBA4IOS
Step 3 – opens a pop-up window and at the bottom you will see a button that says Install touches on the.
install GBA4IOS

How to Download and Install GBA4IOS easy

Step 4-after a few seconds you will see a sign that tells you that you are installing the emulator, give OK.

Step 5 – waiting for you to download and play on the icon that will appear on your SpringBoard to launch the emulator.

Step 6 – the system will warn you you’re going to run an application from an untrusted developer, give the button run equally or trust.

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And, you already have the latest version of GBA4IOS for your iPhone without JailBreak. Version 2.1 is compatible with the new iPhone screens 6 and 6 Plus iPhone, what makes much better experience with the emulator.

If at some point it gives you an error when running the application simply you must delay a day the date on your iPhone and open it, once run normally you can return to the automatic date.

If you are interested this emulator I would be quick to install it, we don’t know how long a simple installation until Apple does something to prevent it, although Riley Testut has promised a downloadable from Cydia version also, so it seems that they will not be able to break completely with the emulator…

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