How to Download WhatsApp on Android for Free

The Smartphone is becoming the trend right now. This is because Smartphones have many uses such as calling and texting, play games, social networking, and so on that are favored by many people. One app that there should be mandatory in the smartphone is WhatsApp.

Download whatsapp on android Smartphone

download whatsapp for android
whatsapp for android

Whatsapp is a chat app, but has more functions than just SMS became a favorite. How to use WhatsApp is very easy to do. Here’s how to download WhatsApp on android can do it yourself without having to ask for the help of others.

How to Register and create a WhatsApp account

1. The first step is to visit the Google Play for users of android smartphone and click a communication category, and then select WhatsApp.

2. then click INSTALL and wait a few moments until the download is finished and it installed in your smartphone.

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3. then go into smartphone homescreen shortcut from there and have the app WhatsApp.

4. Then click on the logo of WhatsApp and there will be asked to enter your phone number and wait a few moments until the phone number has been verified.

5. you will be brought to the screen a profile picture, you can enter your photos as a display picture WhatsApp but you can download a skip or skip this step.

6. then you will be taken on the screen to change the name, the name is usually taken from a Gmail account, but you can change this name to your liking.

7. Your WhatsApp account And can be used.

So how to download WhatsApp on android that you can do. You can interact with friends, family and co-workers with WhatsApp. Not only the text format that can be delivered however you can share photos and videos with WhatsApp account.

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Very easy and simple in use WhatsApp account. Now with some improvements on social networking app WhatsApp makes it lighter and faster and reliable than any other social networking app. Please try to download WhatsApp on Android with a few easy steps above.

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