How To Download Windows 10 From PCs and Laptops

windows 10Microsoft has just introduced a new computer operating system, Windows 10 This means that, after Windows 8 will not have Windows 9, but directly to the Windows 10 So how do I get and download the Windows 10?

Microsoft announced that the final version of Windows 10 will be released in the near future, scheduled in mid-2015, but do not worry, a “Technical Preview” has been available since October 1, 2014 so that you can directly download it.

The good news, previews Windows 10 is available for anyone to register at Windows Insider Program. You can sign up by visiting the website of Windows Insider program and login using your Microsoft account accordingly.

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Windows 10 download

download windows 10

After receiving and approving several requirements for this new operating system, then the process of the download to preview Windows 10 will run.

However, as quoted from page Cnet, Friday (10/03/2014), Windows 10 is available at this time still early stage of development versions, which still was infested with bugs and some disadvantages.


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