How to install Cyanogenmod 12 on your Android

This is a tutorial on how to install Cyanogenmod 12 on your Android device, here explain it step by step how to do it, without more began:For those who don’t know, Cyanogenmod is a free operating system which in my opinion is much more stable and more optimized, this system is based on Android and its new version 12 have their bases in Android Lollipop 5.0.2. This system brings several improvements in both aesthetic and functional.

cyanogenmod 12

Before that we have nothing to do if your device is compatible but thanks to Cyanogen most Android devices are compatible so I assure you that your device is compatible.

  • Samgung Galaxy from SII, SIII (Grand, Mini), S5 (Grand; Mini) SV (Grand; Mini)
  • Most Samsung tablets
  • Motorola: Moto G (all), bike (all), Moto X and
  • HTC: M7, M8 (all other HTC) One
  • Oppo: Find (mostly)
  • Nexus: (All Nexus)
  • LG: (All LG)
  • Sony: Xperia (most of the Xperia including Z2 and Z3)
  • If your device does not appear in this list do not worry as there certainly should be.

We remind you that this process make it at your own risk, we are not liable for any damage which may result in the process.

Steps to install Cyanogenmod 12 on Android

To first install Cyanogenmod 12 we must have our device in #Root and a Custom Recovery either TWRP or CWM

(RECOMMENDED) To install the Custom Recovery TWRP leave them the links here (select your device and follow the easy steps)

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Once installed the Custom Recovery, we are going to connect your device to the PC and pass our zip file. containing the Cyanogenmod (Note: do not unzip the file zip. Since is committed vera and may damage your device) which will download here always download the most current.

Note: Copy the Cyanogenmod to SD memory not the memory since everything there will be deleted.

To know that model is our device I leave a file here where you will see the code name of your device.

Copy the zip file to a folder of our choice in this case the copy to Downloads

cyanogenmod install

Also download this file called Gapps to our PC to then copy it similarly to the folder where we put the Cyanogenmod, in our case Downloads (Google Apps, since cyanogenmod still not added it) Click HERE

Note: Copy the Cyanogenmod and Gapps not to internal memory SD memory since everything there will be deleted.

Once copied these two files to the SD memory begins the fun part. We disconnect our device and put out it, hope it goes off well and then turn it in Fastboot mode (keep pressed power button and the volume up button until you turn it on) will go as something like this:

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cyanogenmod recovery mode

We give click Wipe and subsequently Advance Wipe and select Data, Cache, Dalvic, System Swipe

cyanogenmod cache

Once we made it back to main page and we click on Install, once there is click on Storage select Micro SD Card and our folder in this case Download, then we click on our Cyanogenmod (cm-12-2015…) and Swipe

install cyanogenmod

Once installed we will give click on the where it says Home
install cyanogenmod home
Is the new Install then click Storage, Micro SD card, Downloads and Gapps
install cyanogenmod 12

Once finish install where is says Reboot System

We hope that the device turn on and ready will ask you to create an account on CyanogenMod follow the steps, inicamos with our account in Google and that’s all guys enjoy your new operating system. CyanogenMod brings many improvements to the conventional Android system.

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